And When I Say “The Reverend Nancy Nord Bence Has Never Said Anything About The Gun Issue That Is Simultaneously Original, Substantial And True…

…that statement would seem to have spread to statements about her own “group”.

Bear with me.

“Protect” Minnesota was at Game Fair over the last two weekends. Game Fair is pretty much the biggest outdoor sports fair in the state; hunting, fishing, dogs, the whole nine yards. It takes place in deep-red Ramsay.

And “Protect” MN, for some reason, had a booth there.

Or so the Reverend Nord Bence reminds us:

So let’s get this straight – you gave away free stuff (of some marginal utility – cheap trigger locks), and people took them?

And 130 people out of tens of thousands of attendees, many of whom don’t understand what gun control will mean to them in the long term, lined up and talked and signed your meaningless petition?


So you know what would really convince me? If thousands of these rando hunters grabbed “Protect” Minnesota t-shirts, and wore them proudly around and about the game fair, showing the world that the tide was turning!

And did that happen?

Take a gander for yourself:

This is one of two loads being packed out to their Prius (OK, I made the car up) at the end of six days of exhibiting. The other load was equally as full.

If they gave away a dozen t-shirts, I’d be amazed – and I’ll bet dimes to dollars all are being used as bore patches today.

The Reverend Nord Bence:

If her lips are moving, don’t believe her.

6 thoughts on “And When I Say “The Reverend Nancy Nord Bence Has Never Said Anything About The Gun Issue That Is Simultaneously Original, Substantial And True…

  1. Taking free trigger locks is elementary partisan politics. “Always take the other side’s stuff.” The maxim originally applied to Vote For Me flyers and yard signs. I take them whenever offered so they don’t reach some unsuspecting innocent who might be persuaded by them, then I throw them away.

    Wasting flyers on me forces them to print more, which prevents them buying campaign ads, which minimizes their name-recognition, which makes it more likely unsuspecting innocent voters will say “Never heard of her,” which helps my side at the polling booth.

    To the extent trigger locks cost money, taking them fits the maxim.

    The more troubling are the 130 idiots who signed the petition. Although maybe they were Obama fans, using contributor identities like his Middle East credit card contributors: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, etc. Fill up every line on the page with fake names and waste their time sorting through them. That would fit the maxim, too.

    If those T-Shirts were free, I would have taken as many as they’d give me. Make great cleaning rags and expensive for them to replace. But I suspect they’re only “free” with membership, like the “free” coffee cup I can get from MPR. The fact nobody is willing to pay for them indicates lack of enthusiasm for the cause. Rather spend the money on nachos and a Coke.

  2. I walked by their booth and heard several conversations between gun owners and PM’s misguided sycophants. The level of ignorance that PM volunteers displayed, was telling. I was happy to hear several gun owners attempting to edumacate them.

    Joe was correct though. Had to join to get the T shirt.

  3. I’d be shocked to learn that 130 people signed their petition, in fact. They’re leftists, they’re lying; QED.

    I used to look forward to the Game Fair. I remember Benelli sent a sharpshooter one year who would be very valuable in setting the “big magazines kill” lie on fire. Dude shot 15 clay pigeons launched simultaneously with a magazine cap of 5….one shot per bird. He reloaded shells 2 at a time, faster than the eye could see. *That* would have been a real education for the gun grabbers.

    How many reloads was that Hemmory? And what would have been the longest possible flight time for 21 clay targets? Get your google on, boy.

  4. Swiftee
    thursday night is high school Trap league night at the range a couple miles down the road so I drop by every now and then to watch the kids shoot. There’s a lot of skilled teenage shooters, boys and girls. I was particularly impressed with a 16 yr old girl with a double barrel 12 gauge Stoeger Coach Gun and an ammo belt – it takes her less than a second to reload both barrels. She routinely shoots high 90s and its not unusual for her to get 100.

  5. MacWheel – I agree, it’s great to see young people getting involved.

    I went to “Novice Night” at my gun club, a chance to shoot trap for cheap. I haven’t shot for years, missed most of mine. As I was waiting for my second chance, the kid waiting next to me mentioned I was trailing the birds. I asked how he could tell – he could see where my wads went, young eyes. He suggested a longer lead and more follow-through.

    I nodded but privately, I thought “Hey, kid, I’ve been shooting 50 years, what do you know?” That was before he got up and broke 25 in a row. Turns out, he’s the captain of the Tartan High School trap team. Humble pie, serving for one, right here, please.

    I can’t wait until they start rifle teams in school again. I know a couple of the private academies have them. I wish more schools did.

  6. JD,

    It’s humbling when a know it all backs up their smack. It’s happened to me, too.

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