Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

In the wake of the session, the Pioneer Press ran a letter to the editor – “Democrats offered plenty of compromises on gun bills” – from one Jo Haugen.   I wrote a response.  It never got printed.

Shocking, right?

Well, that’s one of the reasons I started this blog, now, isn’t it?

My response to the PiPress:


In her May 22 letter to the editor (“Democrats offered plenty of compromise on gun bills”), Jo Haugen criticized Senate Majority Leader Gazelka for kililing the DFL’s gun control bills, because “a vast majority of Minnesotans as well as law enforcement support these bills”

If “mandate” were real, then Speaker Hortmann and Majority Leader Winkler should have had no trouble passing the measures – “Red Flag” confiscation and “Universal” registration bills – as standalone measures, confident that that massive support would be greeted with hosannas at election time.

Curiously, they could not.  Winkler didn’t have the votes to do that, and snuck them into the omnibus Public Safety bills against bipartisan opposition.

Either the House DFL leadership are cowards for ignoring Ms. Haugen’s supposed mandate, or the “vast majority” of Minnesotans support nothing of the sort, and the polling to which Ms. Haugen refers was a bogus piece of propaganda.

Minnesota’s gun control movement:  The few, trying to control the many with the acquiescence of the gullible.

Mitch Berg
Saint Paul

11 thoughts on “Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

  1. I want ice cream
    It’s not good for you
    I want ice cream
    I didn’t bring any money
    I want ice cream
    You’ll spoil your supper
    I want ice cream

    Noticing a pattern? The logical, reasonable, sensible, common-sense answer to an emotional demand has no effect on the child making the demand.

    Now replace “ice cream” with “gun control”

  2. Think of the fantasy world the GC maniacs inhabit.
    They live in a representative democracy. Ninety percent, or more, of citizens agree with their “gun safety” agenda, yet they can’t turn it into law. Why not? Because of foolish judges ruling that the second amendment protects individual gun ownership, and a few million white male NRA members who bribe legislators.

  3. -Crazy people shouldn’t be allowed to own guns.
    -Only crazy people think that they need a gun for self-defense.
    -Don’t worry, we’re not coming for your guns.

  4. When I eventually get around to getting a C + C permit will I be allowed to due to my past mental health history? Ive read certain states wont allow you to even get a permit to own a gun if you have had mental health issues in the past which is still kind of scary.

  5. ^ PoD – maybe yes, maybe no.

    If you’ve been ‘in therapy’ for a fairly mundane reason, say been treated as an outpatient for something like mild depression, that info is not going to trickle up to the b/g check and be a grounds for denial.

    I think the app might ask if you’ve been committed, and I couldn’t say what effect an honest answer of ‘yes’ will have on the app.

    Go apply for a purchase permit for a retail handgun purchase. Its free, no class, that will tell you the answer.

  6. Thanks John I will, I will also ask my psychiatrist that I see like 6-8 times a year if if matters because it happened over a decade ago and I have had treatment and medication all that time since and no relapse.

  7. Regarding these letters, it’s probably important to note that the compromises–allowing only police to initiate red flag measures and removing hunting guns only from the “no transfer without a background check” rules–are really not that significant remedies. As I read things, the law would still penalize someone who loans a pistol or semi-automatic black rifle to another person at the range, and I’d have to guess that many police officers, especially in the metro, will not hesitate to do the bidding of family members for the purposes of a red flag event.

    So it sort of protects the right of young people to hunt with their fathers’ shotguns and rifles, but not to learn how to use other weapons at the range, and provides little, if any, protection for those who might be victimized by a “false flag” red flag operation. We need to be more specific about these things so that people can start seeing why they were DOA.

  8. loans a pistol or semi-automatic black rifle to another person at the range

    What about one (of those really kinda lame) pink colored weapons I see in the Cabelas catalog? Is that a mitigating circumstance? 😛

  9. If you have any doubt, PoD, don’t get a gun, especially if you have a history of depression.
    I will be moving to the Midwest next year. I have a couple of handguns, which I will take with me when I move, but I have no interest in getting a CC permit. No knock on people who do carry, it’s just not my thing.

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