Minnesota’s Ongoing Humiliation

Ilhan Omar on the little matter of the barrage of rockets that’ve been raining down on Israel since the weekend:

Gaza is not occupied.

It’s not occupied because Ehud Barak decided to “give peace a chance”, and to give the Palestinians pretty much what they asked for. He pulled Israel – and thousands of Israelis – out of Gaza and gave it to the Palestinians. The hope was that it’d be a first step on a road to a lasting peace.

And – nobody could have possibly seen this coming, honest – Hamas and Hezbollah played it as a sign of weakness and poured weapons into Gaza, and have been using it as a staging ground for wave after wave after wave of aggression.

Ilhan Omar sits on the House Foreign Relations committee.

(That was normally the part of the post where I’d try to write something pithy or scary. And I guess “scary” qualifies).

23 thoughts on “Minnesota’s Ongoing Humiliation

  1. More evidence that my theory that Omar is as dumb as a bag of hammers is correct.
    A big bag of hammers. Gargantuan.

  2. I would believe President Trump writes his own Tweets. They have the same freewheeling feel as when he goes off-script during a speech. Not elegant, not polished, but genuine.

    Who writes Rep. Omar’s Tweets, some PR flak? Her Tweets sound like somebody used a Liberal Buzzword Generator.

  3. Didn’t Gaza also provide significant amount of food stuffs to Israel via a large number of industrial-size greenhouses? And all of these were simply left behind by the Israelis when they pulled out? After which they were torn down and the metal sold for scrap? To build tunnels and by weapons? Nah, Palis couldn’t be that evil and stupid… could they?

  4. “Palis couldn’t be that evil and stupid… could they?”
    the median age in Gaza is 17.4 years so stupid = yes!

  5. jdm: I didn’t know what you posted but I believe it. I’m reading a book right now, even I don’t know a lot about when Israel gave Sinai to Egypt but this book was saying the Israelis improved Sinai. I’d have to look it up to say exactly with what. Highways at the least probably.

    That population matter is another thing. I might say, I read a website, “972mag” from time to time that I stumbled on, it is written by Israelis, Palestinians and others. It’s a counter-view. I leave the harsher tones of the website out of it and then, just try to absorb what they are saying. Saying things like Israel is an apartheid state doesn’t go over with a lot of folks including me. And don’t come at me for mentioning it, there are certainly a number of “self-loathers” as they say out there. The arguments out there are too complex for me. I’m just an observer with at least, no first-hand stake in the matter.

  6. I see MP is insulting the intelligence of bags of hammers again. :^)

    Seriously, it’s not just Ilhan Omar who can’t figure out that there is something truly obnoxious about launching rocket attacks from elementary schools and hospitals in Gaza at the same on the Israeli side. It’s a large section of the progressive left–not coincidentally, the same progressive left that voted to keep infanticide legal recently.

  7. myyellowbike: a very quick web search indicates a wikipedia page called “Israeli disengagement from Gaza” in which the Israelis are not considered to have been quite as generous as they might’ve been but that the Palis did the loot the remainder.

    On the other hand, if the Israelis could build and use greenhouses, why can’t the Palis? Yeah, well…

  8. May 4, 1979, Margaret Thatcher became Prime-Minister of the UK.

    May 7, 1919, Evita Peron was born, lot of articles on her today, ‘100 Evita’ march in Buenos Aires…

    So, there are some admirable(?) or popular female politicians we can focus on. Certainly there are plenty of others.

    “A new Argentina, the voice of the people can not be denied”.

    Unbelievably, I tweeted this, and that side kick of Salvini over there in Italy followed me on twitter. Of course, they have staff that comb twitter, not to significant but I can imagine. I’m sure here some have some real high falooting followers on twitter.

  9. “On the other hand, if the Israelis could build and use greenhouses, why can’t the Palis?”
    They are simply not equipped cognitively.

    History contains more than enough evidence to refute the Tabula Rasa myth.

    When the finally Italians left it to the Sammies, Mogadishu was a jewel of a city. The Sammies had it reduced to a vermin infested heap of rubble within 20 years.

    Rhodesia met the same fate after the indigenous people took over, and South Africa is on its way.

    Biology and genetics, like all hard sciences, won’t tolerate PC propaganda.

  10. … it’s probably why there’s a movement in Africa to bring the colonizers back. Talk about dreaming the impossible dream.

  11. jdm
    they are bringing the colonizers back in the form of China’s Belt and Road debt-trap diplomacy which is doing to the third world what Citi and Wells Fargo did to american high risk home buyers just before 2008.

  12. jdm, the Chinese are well on the way to colonizing Africa; they ought to own most of it outright in 20 years or so. After another decade or so under them, the Africans will come crawling back to Western countries begging us to come back and take over again.

    We will whisper “no”.

  13. Zimbabwe, one of China’s new best friends is the 5th largest supplier of lithium in the world, however Xi Jinping doesn’t believe the current govt of Zimbabwe is stable enough for China’s goals so look for change some time soon.
    Afghanistan is supposed to have over a $trillion deposit of lithium. China recently won a bid for the Aynak copper mine in Logan province and is actively pursuing contracts with the afghans to develop all their lithium resources.
    All of our wonderful new electric cars, windfarms and solar cell farms will have to depend heavily upon lithium-ion batteries in the near future. Lithium mining in the USA is all tied up in courts by the Sierra Club and friends so we must increasingly depend upon China for our rare earth based components

  14. Your eight, Mac. China is also the only supplier of the rare earth minerals needed to make induction motors.

    The US has a good supply of these minerals, but….Gaia!

  15. You’re right, Mac.

    Hate auto correct as much as moderation.

  16. A few months ago, I watched this show from CGTV, China Global TV – Africa, on this Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso. Without further comment, one can see it here.


    Belt and road, they’ve run into some problems in places like Pakistan. Well, we will see. Some plans I saw look really fantastic, the Chinese are building some pretty stunning bridges too.

    Does anyone wonder how they build those artificial islands? I guess, it’s not as far out as it sounds:


  17. Cambodia Downplays Criticism of Investment Amid Increased Crime by Chinese Nationals
    Radio Free Asia
    More on China, this is just an example of what one sees around, Laos, Philippines, Africa, Pakistan… and, it came out today,
    US Security Experts Raise Questions About China’s Fentanyl Promise (ban)
    The Epoch Times
    And definitely, the USA’s appetite for drugs shows our deep flaws as well. The continuous war on drugs. We really have to be alert to this, talked to someone from India and of course, they are a long time rival with China… and have been for centuries.

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