next time a SITD critic claims the Obama administration was extraordinarily clean, not a single conviction, remind them of this:
joe doakes

Percpetion is reality.

If Obama’s cronies in the media and Democrat party messaging (ptr) say his time in office was “scandal free” enough times, people will perceive it that way.

Put another way – if Trump worked to defame Latinos the way Obama did to defame law-abiding gun owners, the Southern Poverty Law Center would have issued a fatwa.

3 thoughts on “Scandal-“Free”

  1. These were not scandals. You cannot just say something is a scandal and make it so. That is the job of The New York Times and Washington Post.

    They get to decide, not you.

    They also get to decide what is NOT a scandal.

  2. What Greg says. Really, the only way you can say the Obama administration was “scandal-free” is to close your eyes and simply listen to the gatekeepers, like those in his own administration, the Post, and the Times. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

  3. Like it has been proven, history (10-20 years down the road) will be devestating to the Obama administration. He was just a ruthless Chicago pol who caught lightning in a bottle (and thanks to Hillarys incompetence in 2008, when she should have easily crushed him, if she was 1/4 the politician her “husband” was) and managed to muddle the water enough in 2012 to eeek out a re-election that was historically against him. But we should thank him, without him there would be no Trump, who is a 100% reaction to him and the Bush family (and Clinton, to a lesser extent) dynasty controlling our presidential politics for over 2 decades. Jeb! was supposed to be the nominee in 2016, simply put. And the Trump wrecking ball came in the primary debates and destroyed him.

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