The Convenient Victims

2019: Congresswoman Ilhan Omar  thinks “gay conversion therapy” is torture.

2017: State representative Ilhan Omar thinks penalizing parents for allowing their daughters to be carved up and mutilated is a cultural imposition.

Representative Omar – taking the convenient moral stands.

You know the worst thing about the idea of replacing Rep. Omar?

The 5th CD DFL would come up with someone worse.  Am I the only one who can imagine Alondra Cano warming up her primary shoes?

16 thoughts on “The Convenient Victims

  1. It is strange to see the degree to which both liberals and Muslims are not figuring out they’ve got a lot to lose when they work together.

  2. BB
    They don’t see it that way. They each think of the other as useful idiots who will be first against the wall after they finally seize power.

  3. Im telling you all, shes getting primaried. The blatant anti-semitism and general idiocy will not be tolerated. She was a outsider that wasnt supposed to win the primary but the 5th CD DFL big wigs didnt take her seriously and underestimated her ability to get the Little Mogadishu people to the primary polls.

  4. What strikes me about Omar, since I have seen her now on “prime time” is how stupid she is. Not uneducated, not an ideologue, stupid. I’m guessing IQ maybe 80 or 85.

  5. POD, she may get primaried, but I think she wins. They already had this battle when she ran against Phyllis Kahn in the primaries a couple of years ago – and it was a battle as the competing Somalian candidates and their followers got into it at convention. It was so rough that Kahn – with all the consistency of her liberal ilk – wanted to check IDs at the door at the next convention. It didn’t do Phyllis any good; she was swept out. I don’t think any other white, liberal, Jewish candidate will even get a chance to speak.

  6. Following up on MPs point, it is better if she remains on the national stage – she becomes a/the face of the Democrat party much like Debbie Wasserman-Shultz or Maxine Waters providing sound bites that can be used as a cudgel to pound on other Democrats. It also devalues other MN Democrats as a collective – people see Omar as the very photogenic (and very stupid) face of Democrats from MN – part of a continuing clown show (Ventura, Dayton, Franken, McCollum, Hakim, & Klobuchar)

  7. It really is saying something when electing a former pro wrestler as governor is NOT the political low point of a state.

  8. PoD – he was mayor of one of the Brooklyns. Jesse had more relevant experience than Al Franken or Hakim X or Ilhan Omar or Tim Walz when they were first elected.

  9. Fair points Joe. Id just like to emphasize what a complete and utter joke this state is compared to the rest of the nation (and the way politics are going thats REALLY saying something). And those 4 gems are a clear example.

  10. I’m of the opinion that Omar has had her snapper trimmed, and is out for payback.

  11. Not uneducated, not an ideologue, stupid. I’m guessing IQ maybe 80 or 85.

    Agreed. And I put Tide Pod Evita somewhere around 90-95, with the added impediment of a raging case of liberalism mental disease . Not a rousing endorsement for Boston College, IMO.

  12. Id go 70 Swiftee. I think that she is borderline retarded, literally.

  13. Also I’d like to personally point out that while I originally agreed with Michael Savages thesis, I have come to realize that it is leftism, not liberalism, that is the mental disorder. Liberalism is filled with well intentioned people (think Alan Derchowitz or Camille Paglia) while leftism is classic SJW bullshit and the Anfi and AOC’s and anyone who thinks the Green New Deal is actually a good idea.

  14. I don’t think she lacks intellect. I think she’s learned to be a really good liar in service of her agenda, and that makes her even more dangerous.

  15. I have come to realize that it is leftism, not liberalism, that is the mental disorder

    PoD, while your honorable sense of fair play limits your blanket condemnation of the left side of the spectrum, I contend it’s not worth it. For every Paglia or Dershowitz, there’s two more liberals that are just waiting to let their freak flags fly. In general, they’re just larval leftists.

    I experienced this recently with a liberal who decided that after a Sam’s Club employee told them to have a blessed day, that they would never shop there again and would be writing the company in complaint.

    And if liberals are dumb enough to be on social media and without a reputation like Paglia or Dershowitz, they’ll quickly succumb to mob pressure and become the mindless SJWs everyone knows and luvs.

  16. JDM, I contend there is a difference because there will be a split I believe between libera;s and the left. I do not think they can co-exist as a party like this. There will be a split after the 2020 election. True liberals, while they can become leftists, I really believe they realize that they dont have much (if anything) in common with leftism. Either the left will take over the Democratic party and purge the liberals (Like AOC has talked about doing) or the liberals will fight back and the leftist will stop the charade and create/make “mainstream” a socialist wokers party like Bernie is kind of doing. Its just my humble prediction.

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