An Honest Browbeating

Kamala Harris, candidate for President, says the United States still hasn’t had an honest discussion about race.
Well, Kamala, that’s because “discussion” means “two people talk,” not just “you lecture me.”  The word comes from a Latin root meaning “to take apart, to examine.”  We can’t have a discussion if every time I try to speak, you silence me with a label like “Racist.”
Oh, crap, what that mansplaining?  I guess I’d better shut up while you explain why I’m wrong about that, too.
Joe Doakes

We need a conversation about why you’re evil.

1 thought on “An Honest Browbeating

  1. We elected (and somehow re-elected) a black man as President. 50 years ago it was something like 70-55% of whites disapproved of INTERRACIAL MARRAIAGE. Next we will be hearing how it doesnt count because he’s only half black. Im not kidding, I 100% see that coming.

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