2 thoughts on “I Heard It On The NARN

  1. The Somalis are trotting around claiming they’ve been vindicated, and expect a public scourging to take place on everyone who suggested they were sending suitcases of stolen cash to Somalia.

    But the fact is, the auditor didn’t say there wasn’t theft, there was. And he didn’t say that the Somali thieves weren’t sending cash to Somalia, or that Sheesh Khebab didnt get some. He siad they couldnt prove it.

    Somalis are a gift that just keeps giving. Y’all are lucky to have them, and they’re not gonna let you forget it.

  2. The business model used by the Somalis scamming the CCAP was developed by others in places like Florida to operate sham medical clinics that rip off Medicare and Medicaid. This is our Minnesota Mafia at work.

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