Open Letter To All The Progs Who Still Think “All Conservatives” Were “Birthers”

To: All Progs Who Still Think “All Conservatives” were “Birthers”
From: Mitch Berg, Angry Peasant
Re: Settling Up

Dear Progs who still still think inserting references to “Alex Jones” and “Birthers” puts an end to all arguments with conservatives and/or Trump supporters:

I’ll be charitable and call it “even”.

To be a little more charitable – Omar is hardly alone. Dim as she is, she’s got someone really, really depraved doing her thinking on this sort of thing for her.

Well, if you live in the Fifth, you better hope that’s all it is, anyway.

25 thoughts on “Open Letter To All The Progs Who Still Think “All Conservatives” Were “Birthers”

  1. And once again a Dem talks about impeachment, and can’t say why he/she wants to impeach Trump.
    The Dems are disgusting. They want to choose the president even when they lose. They want to suppress the vote of sixty million Americans.

  2. Omar doesn’t know any better. She is reaching back to her upbringing.

    In the steaming shithole of her birth, changes of administrations are always accompanied by reducing the rubble into smaller rocks, burning tires (on the street and around necks), machetes, and voluminous AK47 gunfire.

    And in Minneapolis, she grew up around people that were constantly high on khat, plotting ways to join terrorists, and dreaming of cutting heads off.

    She just doesn’t have much experience among civilized human beings.

    I’m actually surprised her tweets don’t include a ululation emoji.

  3. Swiftee, one less that charitable view of Omar is that given the circumstances of her life its likely a 50/50 chance that she was visited with the joys of FGM as a young girl and that her subsequent malevolence is partially accountable to that fact. Hell I’d be bitter if it had happened to me.

  4. Well, if you live in the Fifth, you better hope that’s all it is, anyway.


    Ilham Omar is the sanest person in the 5th Congressional District, it is why they elected her.

    Well, that’s not completely fair. Ilham Omar is the soberest person in the district. Everyone else sniffs glue.

    I apologize if I offended any readers who happen to live there – but is there really any other explanation for Keith Ellison and Ilham Omar? If there is, let me know.

  5. I believe that impeachment is inevitable. It also is a terrifying notion. Nations struggle any time they overthrow a dictator, and Trump really has the markings of a dictator.

    Interesting how this dictator allows you and all the others moonbats who openly declare themselves part of the “Resistance” to continue to not only exercise your First Amendment rights, but to continue breathing. Crack a book, Rep. Omar, and read up on what happened to people whom the Nazis merely suspected of being members of the actual Resistance.

  6. We’re never going to get a decent rep for CD-5, but we could get someone who is more of a conventional weasel than this rare bird.

    C’mon, MAK. Get to it. Ryan Winkler? You know you want it. Ron Latz? Come and get some. Somebody come and clean up Aisle 5.

  7. “Trump has the markings of a dictator.” As I saw elsewhere, “Everyone knows how much dictators like to cut regulations, lower taxes and support gun ownership.”

  8. The real nazis beat an opposition journalist to death, and sent his bloodied spectacles back to his wife as his “personal property.”
    God help us if the sissified “resistance” of today is all that stands between us and totalitarianism.

  9. Although now that you mention it, I still think it’s curious we have no official, certified copy of his birth certificate issued by the State of Hawaii, or college or law school transcripts. Have we seen tax returns showing the royalties earned on his books?

    It’s remarkable that the fundamental credentials of an American President can remain carefully hidden from scrutiny after all this time, unlike so many of his peers.

    Why is that, do you think?

  10. Hammering on that Obama was secretly born in Kenya turned out to be brilliant market research. That the claim is provably false and makes no sense when you think about it yet caught on with white Republicans and showed Trump they could be led to believe things simply because they wanted to believe them. While other politicians were afraid to be caught in a lie. Trump made lies into his product differentiator. The further he gets from truth the more his base sees him as the only one brave and honest enough to say these things.

  11. Emery,
    “provably false” when? where? who?

    Where’d you cut and paste this tidbit from?

  12. I agree that the claim could be proven false. I disagree that the claim has been proven false.

    The White House released an electronic image of a birth certificate, then admitted they Photoshopped it. That’s not how you prove someone’s birth. You prove it by producing a paper copy of the birth certificate certified as a true-and-correct copy made by the custodian of records. That’s how every government record is authenticated.

    The fact that former President Obama refuses to this day to allow the claim to be proven false, makes one wonder why.

    And whatever happened to those college and law school transcripts?

  13. Ah, f’r’chrissakes, it was fun back in the 90s to be exotic and foreign and put the claim to being born in Kenya in your autobiography’s marketing brochures. And then it wasn’t.

  14. Yeah, I know jdm, the Polite Right has dropped the issue and nobody really cares about this stuff anymore, but it still bugs me.

    Suppose I went to the County Recorder, purchased a copy of the deed by which you took title to your house, brought it home, scanned it, Photo shopped it to replace your name with mine, then loaded it to the internet. When I knock on your door and hold up my phone showing that image, will you move out? After all, it’s been conclusively proven that I own the house. Look at the image, it’s right here!

    Maybe it’s just me. I work with official government documents all day long. If somebody showed up in our office with that kind of “proof,” we’d show them the door. Maybe my standards are too high. After all, it’s only the Presidency.

  15. She went anti-semitic again this weekend. Its like shes trying to get censured or something.

  16. JoeD, I have no problem with your continued interest. I think the whole Obama citizenship thing smells – bad – and that goes double for the transcripts too. It’s really sad (annoying, aggravating, infuriating, etc) what The Polite Right has given up.

  17. PoD: It’s a shame that you can’t talk about the politics of Israel’s government without being called an anti-Semite.

    Anti-Semitism used to mean hating Jews for being Jews. Now it means whatever fanatical supporters of Israel say it means.

  18. Emery if you dont think her comments are anti semitic then you are either dense or an idiot.

  19. POD
    Emery is just very accurately articulating the level of political awareness that exemplifies MN:CD5

  20. Are you purposely posting stupid or is it your natural demeanor?

    How is this anti-semitism? It’s time to divorce the idea of thinking Israel and Jews are the same thing, because they are not.

  21. Anti-Semitism used to mean hating Jews for being Jews. Now it means whatever fanatical supporters of Israel say it means.

    Racism used to mean promoting your own race above all others. Now it means whatever fanatical supporters of intersectionalism say it means. This often includes any criticism of any non-Caucasian individual.

    If I had a dime for every time I heard or read “you hate Obama/want Obama to fail because he’s black, you racist”, I could take the entire readership of SItD to dinner at Murray’s and still have enough left over for a nice mansion in Wayzata.

  22. She went anti-semitic again this weekend. Its like shes trying to get censured or something.

    It’s like she’s expressing who she really is or something.

    While I have no definitive, documented proof in writing that she follows the tenets of her religion to the letter of the law and wishes for the extermination of Jews, she is a radical leftist, and a Muslim.

    If it looks like a duck, smells like a duck, and walks like a duck….

  23. Emery, accusing Jews like those in AIPAC (to quote Omar) of dual loyalties is a way of inciting violence against Jews that goes back to the Middle Ages, and had its nadir as the Austrian corporal accused them of a “stab in the back” to justify a little pogrom that ended up in the “Holocaust”.

    It also has a parallel as Catholics, most notably JFK, were accused of dual loyalty to the Vatican, and notably Catholic judges and other nominees for office are being accused of the same now. Perhaps you and Ms. Omar have forgotten your history? Or fail to read the newspapers?

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