She’s So Cold

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Minneapolis and St. Paul public schools are closed today.  I’m getting old, my memory isn’t what it was.  I remember looking forward to snow days, but did we get cold days off school?  My sister claims there were a couple of occasions when the country kids didn’t have to come in, only the town kids, but I wonder if that was due to bad roads for the school busses more than low temperatures?
I’m having trouble squaring school closures for cold, record setting cold in Chicago, freezing temperatures for  75% of the nation, with The New Hotness’ claim global warming will destroy the world in 12 years.  
Although if it does, I suppose women and minorities will be hardest hit, so I’ve got that going for me.

It’s science, because shut up.

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  1. I remember something like your sister’s story too, JD. Back then too, it was really only the country kids who even got a bus and if the buses couldn’t start or drive on country roads, they didn’t come in; I’m sure their parents came up plenty of alternative activities. Townies walked to school so why close?

    On the other hand, I’ve heard some stories about high school kids in ND braving crazy awful weather. On foot.

    I’m pretty sure the followers of that weird weather religion regret to this day the name “global warming”. Which, of course, is why they tried to go to “climate change”; but that doesn’t have quite the same overtones of doom. I recall some woman from PJ Media some years ago who infiltrated lefty protests in San Fran, Zombie, I think her name was, found that at one protest, they were trying to get the term “climate chaos” off the ground. It’s a good term, neither warm nor cold, promising chaos and having to do with climate. Don’t know why it didn’t fly.

  2. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that schools are canceling on account of cold because they are worried about liability issues if a student suffers illness or injury due to the low temperatures. #21stcenturyproblems #weconsultedourlawyers

  3. I remember a day when school and work was called off due to cold in the 1980s. Air temps were in the minus 30s but winds bottomed out the windchill charts. Of course, I had to go to the grocery store for diapers and formula. I was worried about restarting the car but when I got to the store, the parking lot was full of idling cars. Problem solved.

  4. I remember when Governor Arne Carlson closed every school in the state because of cold weather. I thought that took balls considering the temperature differences between Albert Lea and Ely. It was then I knew what a RINO was. Let’s not argue with our intellectual superiors about climate change. They have models and charts and SCIENCE! If I had a nickel for every nugget of medical science I pushed as settled and incontrovertible, I could’ve retired at 50.

  5. Golfdoc50 you realize by saying that your calling Walz more reasonable and conservative than Carlson… actually since it was a bit before my time that might not be inaccurate. Considering the state was so fed up with the governor (nevermind they did re-elect him) that by the 1998 election the state collectivley said fuck it lets elect a former pro wrestler to be governor.

  6. I think a lot of people misunderstand and/or forgot why Jesse was elected. I’m not saying it was a good thing (or a bad thing either), but it wasn’t because he was a wrestler.

  7. from my limited knowledge of politics at the time and reading some things from people who were there I believe Jesse was kinda the first Donald Trump. He had a small base initially that only grew when people saw him being written off during the debates by both candidates. Im sure someone has done much better analysis than me on it though.

  8. That’s a pretty good analysis.

    Jesse also ran to get things done for Jesse. He wanted (his portion of) the surplus distributed, not “re-invested”. He wanted to pay less for license tabs. He also thought that building that god-forsaken local train that the roads would be less busy, so Jesse could get around town in his brown Porsche faster and more easily. He, of course, couched these Jesse-wins issues as something for us all.

    He also reneg’d on his libertarian principles, but I can’t remember the details.

  9. wasnt he also Mayor of Brooklyn Park or something before the election as well?

  10. I speculate a large chunk of his success came from low-information voters who read his name and said “I’ve heard of him. I’ll vote for him.”

    I speculate another large chunk came from disillusioned voters who saw his opponents were Skip Humphrey and Norm Coleman and said “If all my choices are clowns, might as well go with the pro.”

    Who knows, it’s all just speculation, of course. Maybe there were a ton of Predator fans at the polls that year?

  11. I remember the day Ventura got elected. My wife and I went to the polls (we live in the northern suburbs) and saw a line out the door of dudes with mullets in the new voter registration line. I took one look at the line and knew Jesse could win that night. And he did. It was like waking up in Vegas with a showgirl, a hangover, and a marriage license.

  12. Yes, PoD. I don’t remember how well that went. Apparently not poorly enough to affect his run for governor, even tho’ he ran for mayor for the meta-reason he ran for governor that I sketched out before.

    JD, I think your first group was behind Dayton’s continued success. And I *know* that I fell into the second group at that time. I like to think that I came by my Trump support honestly 😉

    Mr. D, that’s funny and true. Same up here the northern exurbs.

  13. I remember waking up the next day (I was 12 and had school the next day, I had to go to sleep before the race was called) and my Mom showing me the front page of the Star Trib with his classic celebration photo and I cheered and hugged her. It was the first time in my life I truly cared about the result of an election. I know my Dad (where I admittly got a lot of my political view from) voted for him and I dont know about my Mom. It was also good prep for the insanity that was the 2000 election. Those 2 elections helped build the foundation of how I see the world today.

  14. Working in Alabam this week. There was frost on our windshields this morning. The locals were unbowed, and vowed to rebuild.

    Hearty stock over here in Bammy.

  15. I voted for Jesse

    1. Because I was pissed at Norm Coleman for building the hockey rink and

    2. Jesse promised to get concealed carry passed.

    Turns out the hockey rink wasn’t such a bad idea, and Jesse meant he’d get a carry permit for himself.

    Can’t win em all.

  16. People who live in Fairbanks, Alaska go to work and school in weather like this every year.

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