Snivel Your Sidewalks. I Mean Shovel. Shovel Your Sidewalks.

After seven nastygrams from the City of Minneapolis, Councilwoman Lisa Bender got her sidewalk shoveled by the city, and a $149 fine to prove it.

Bender – a far-far-far left DFLer famous for compelling the City to clear bike lanes in the dead of winter that nearly nobody uses when the weather is gorgeous – reacted with grace and equianimity.

Of course I’m kidding.  She’s accusing the Strib of mansplaining.

Er, manshovelling.

Anyway, she’s accusing the Strib:


Jeremiah Ellison is a permanent city payroll receiver. Er, I mean, city council…well, it’s a distinction without a difference.

Trump Trump Trump!


Dang conservative Strib.

Urban Progressive Privilege:  when everything you do can be defended by citing things your opponents never did.

13 thoughts on “Snivel Your Sidewalks. I Mean Shovel. Shovel Your Sidewalks.

  1. “As Trump attacks institutions *like the Strib* they continue to be hostile in ways that don’t contribute to transparency or accountability.”

    Man. That Negro is a valedictorian of the Louis Farakhan school of word salad, sho ’nuff. He is so good, in fact, even *he* cant understand his own Bullshit. I read that as an affirmation of Trump’s criticism.

  2. Glad to see Richard Nixon getting some credit in the political thinking of Minneapolis Liberals, excusing her behavior.

    “When the [City Council] President does it, that means it’s not illegal.”

    Shoveling laws are for little people,

  3. Dang conservative Strib.

    Thats like saying the NYT has a bias towards Republicans.

  4. I thought the Strib had learned their lesson after outing Cano’s non-attendance at City Council meetings. I based that on the way they’ve ignored the Ilhan Omar cover-ups, but apparently there’s a newbie that didn’t get the memo.

  5. You got to appreciate Jonathan Weinhagen’s comment.

    “lisabendermpls was too busy tending to business at city hall (while being a ROCKSTAR mom) to clear the sidewalk”

    Soooooo…. can we expect regulatory relief from city hall for other busy people and ROCKSTAR moms?

  6. Weinhagen is obviously a hard left loon that has now turned the Greater Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce, into a left wing support organization. The Chamber is supposed to support business, but apparently, Johnny didn’t get the memo, either.

  7. On a continuing sidenote, I cant wait until I move out of the Peoples Republic of Minneapolis. I think there is a shot a openly socialist candidate wins the next Mayors race.

  8. Perhaps someone can tell Mr. Weinhagen that his elitist “people who make the laws, don’t have to follow the laws” elitism is what gave us Donald Trump.

    But they say, “Donald Trump doesn’t follow laws or tell the truth or respect the norms!!”

    To which we snicker and say, “exactly.”

    So, Mr. Weinhagen, when you start showing a respect for laws and truth and norms…..come back and we can talk about Trump.

  9. Sorry, can’t resist a cheap shot, ad feminem comment. Gazing at the photo of Ms. Bender, the phrase “rock star mom” does not enter my mind.

  10. Prince of Darkness, The Guardian article danced around a number of issues and served more to deflect criticism of the elites than confront the reason for lack of trust. For example:

    Consider how we come to know the facts about climate change: scientists carefully collect and analyse data, before drafting a paper for anonymous review by other scientists, who assume that the data is authentic. If published, the findings are shared with journalists in press releases, drafted by university press offices. We expect that these findings are then reported honestly and without distortion by broadcasters and newspapers. Civil servants draft ministerial speeches that respond to these facts, including details on what the government has achieved to date – The Guardian article

    That is not how climate change research works, is communicated or is used to set policy.

    There is ample evidence to illustrate how research is suppressed or distorted to support “the consensus”. The science is then communicated in such a manner as to mold opinions and motivate action rather than to inform. Finally, science policy is set almost exclusively by rent seekers and bears little resemblance to solutions that fit the risks.

    People sense this. They may not know the details but they sense the hype and that undermines trust.

    Let’s just take a single scientific fact and use it as a metric to gauge the trust gap between science, the media coverage and government policy….

    In your estimation, how high does the sea rise every year?

    Think about what science, the media and your government has told you..

    Now take two pennies. Lay one flat on a table. That is how high sea level has been rising for the last few hundred years. Now take another penny, lay it on top of the first one. The pennies together (3mm) is the annual rate of sea level rise.

    Now square that with the hysterical reports of devastation due to sea level rise attributed to climate change that you hear every time there is a hurricane.

    People are used to being lied to. Proctor and Gamble tells us that their products will get our clothes gleaming white. Pharmaceutical companies promise happiness, even as they warn about side effect. We, as a society, have learned to take hype in stride.

    We don’t mind it when the guy in the plaid suit tells us that a used car was only driven to church on Sunday by a little old lady…..but when he tells us that the rusting hulk only has 10,000 miles on it, we walk away.

    In other words, people can discern between hype and outright lies. It is why Trump hyped himself and won but Hillary lied and lost.

    The Guardian article missed that by a mile.

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