It’s That Time Of Year Again

It’s that time of election season when everyone who, for any reason or no reason at all decides not to vote Republican will get their Warhol – mandated 15 minutes of fame.

Is it a “gun owner” “resisting tthe NRA? Is it an evangelical congregation where a few members have broken with conservatism?

Or is it a republican “Leader” with impeccable moderate credentials of whom nobody has heard for 10 years, loudly and theatrically leaving the party?

Belly up to the media bar!

In the article, the “X Republican”, Randy Johnson, says he has retained his same conservative principles. So I did a little digging – and it turns out that with “Conservative principles”like Randy Johnson’s, why would anyone need the Minnesota DFL? One of his great “achievements”on the Hennepin county board was inflicting Target Field on the voters.

The only faster way to become a household name (for 15 minutes) is to be an exceptionally obscure “Republican” with an outlandish view on something. For 15 minutes, you will be more famous than Justin Bieber.

Glad we could settle that.

2 thoughts on “It’s That Time Of Year Again

  1. Johnson is tired of being the sober cab for his circle of leftist friends. He wants to get as wrecked as Arne Carlson does.

    Make it a double, and don’t Bogart that joint, my friend.

  2. I personally know Randy. He was a moderate during his 40 years on the Hennepin County Board. Fiscal conservative? B as B S as in S. He voted for the new Hennepin County sales tax needed so millionaires could make more money playing a game controlled by billionaires. County residents got took big time on that one. It’s a lovely stadium no doubt about it. But paying for it with a new sales tax we’ll never get beyond is pure B as B S as in S. Yes, the tax is paying off the stadium ahead of schedule but how many think the tax will go away once the bonds are paid off? Minnesotans got snookered into a “temporary” 3% sales tax in the late 1960’s to pay for emergency funding needs in the schools. How did that work out? How about the limited sales tax passed in the late 1990’s to pay for the new Minneapolis Convention Center. That got transposed over to the new Vikings stadium as soon as it was due to expire. How’d that work out. The Vikings stadium is a bigger rip off than the Twins stadium

    If you still think the Hennepin County tax will come off you do know that the few months before the money was needed for the stadium, it was used for the library.

    No Randy Johnson was always a moderate Republican.

    Yes, the GOP has changed, so has the DFL. The first county party convention I ever went to was a DFL one. They’d throw me out today.

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