Michael Bloomberg’s Open Racism

A friend of the blog writes:

Bloomberg makes it clear:
“guns need to be kept out of the hands of minorities in order to keep them alive.” -M. Bloomberg

Since 1968 the left has pushed gun control measures for the primary purpose of disarming minorities. Til now they have always couched their arguments in broad neutral terms so it wouldn’t be obvious to the low-information citizens that their target is and always was to make sure minorities, especially blacks, would not have access to firearms for self defense.
Now Bloomberg is making it clear who he is intending to deprive of their civil rights:
Michael Bloomberg suggests disarming minorities to ‘keep them alive’: report

Michael Bloomberg suggests disarming minorities to ‘keep them alive’: re...o go ahead vote for gun-control politicians, its only blacks who will be affected.
They don’t even bother to hide their racism anymore!

“Hiding” has never been the word for it; gun control has always been about disarming black people (before they added working class whites to the target list).

3 thoughts on “Michael Bloomberg’s Open Racism

  1. On one hand, Conservatives complain that Liberals only notice gun violence when it affects Whites. Liberals never notice the endless slaughter of Blacks by Blacks in Black neighborhoods so they’re guilty of hypocrisy as well as racism. Give Bloomie partial credit for pointing out a Truth that his Liberal friends fear to acknowledge.

    On the other hand, his proposed solution is still the wrong solution, whether applied to Whites or to Blacks. You don’t protect victims by leaving them defenseless, you protect them by giving them a means of self-defense and by removing predators from their midst.

    Bloomberg should be spending his millions on lobbying for stop-and-frisk and Stand Your Ground laws, handing out revolvers to Black people, and paying for their shooting lessons. A neighborhood full of armed citizens would be a much safer place.

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  3. I think at some point, Bloomberg ought to be sued by people who lost loved ones because they couldn’t be armed to defend themselves.

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