3 thoughts on “Collateral Damage

  1. He said he wanted to fundamentally transform the US, and boy did he. Fortunately it looks like he completely destroyed the Democratic party in the process and allowed the Republicans to get to the populist, pro-American roots.

  2. How much of our nation’s current political, social and moral impasse traces directly to the changes Barack Obama wrought on both policy and social levels, especially in his effect on the American Left?

    Only incrementally. It’s been building for ages as the progressives have been incrementally destroying the rights and freedom of states and individuals. Obama overstepped the patience of the bulk of Americans with this process, but the impasse has been building for more than a century. Had he kept to only abusing the freedoms of Americans he probably could have governed as he wished, but his policies actively attacked the prosperity of enough folks that he triggered enough people to begin #Resistance to progressive policies.

  3. I am mystified by TV ads for Democrat candidates complaining about the high cost of health care and promising to do something about it. Duh. Your man Barack did it, pinheads!

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