Big Left wants to believe – or, more proximately, wants the public to believe – that the National Rifle Association – America’s oldest civil rights organization – is on the wane.

It‘s just not so:

The National Rifle Association’s four flagship magazines added nearly 350,000 subscribers between February and June of this year, reversing more than a year of decline and suggesting a surge in recruits following the February school shooting in Parkland, Fla.

The gun rights group does not share detailed information about its membership numbers, and in the past has been accused of inflating its self-reported membership to give an impression of political clout. As a result, media organizations have often used the group’s magazine subscriptions as a proxy for membership.

In other words, in the past few months the NRA has likely gained 2-3 times as many members as all of the anti-gun organizations in America have.  

5 thoughts on “Surge

  1. john
    it is a poor proxy, the print media magazine numbers don’t correlate as closely as you think because its possible to get your membership magazine as an e-zine which does not count, for obvious reasons, among the printed and posted subscriptions. Quite a few members have gone “paperless”.

  2. Pig is correct. I have been getting mine online for the last two or so years. 26 members of my family are members and some have declined the magazines.

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