Dispatches From Never-Never Land

A friend of the blog writes:

Oh, boy. I think we know why this person isn’t a business owner.

I just think about my own job on this. Imagine your nurse showing up late or leaving early because she biked. Imagine morale amongst the co-workers who don’t have that luxury to bike, but have kids to pick up from school or other obligations, yet they need to cover the bicyclist’s 40 minutes of non-work. But, hey, I hope she does actually try to start a business. She might learn a lot.

She’ll have a flat tire and miss the grand opening.

8 thoughts on “Dispatches From Never-Never Land

  1. I don’t know how many larger conclusions one ought to draw from a narcissist, although there sure seems to be a lot of them nowadays (and from the stories I get, a lot of them seem to ride bikes too, YMMV).

    I read something yesterday about the opioid “crisis” in which the claim was that there are so many addicts because there are so many addicts. That is, there are a lot more of them around than in generations past. Nature or nurture? And can it be tied to the apparently large numbers of narcissists?

    I dunno. The mind boggles.

  2. The one thing I can say for this is that if you could depend on the cyclists to ride in the rain and snow, you could save parking spaces for customers and save money that way. That noted, 500 square feet of pavement for a parking space isn’t that expensive. You’d have to do some fancy math there, especially considering that the shower cyclists will want in the summer takes some money, too.

  3. Why just 20 minutes? BECAUSE SHE IS CHEAPSKATE!!!
    She should give the employees a half hour, not twenty minutes.
    No, even more. If she gave them ALL DAY OFF so much more energy would be saved because none of her employers would drive their cars to work ever. No one would show up. I think that would work.

  4. lets all guess what her business would be. I say an organic, fair trade coffee shop where no GMOs were used in raising the coffee beans.

  5. I’d not only expect my cycling underlings to work the same hours, I’d pay them 5% less because they wasted energy I’m paying for on stuff that makes me no money.

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