Hard to believe our intellectual brahmins would not only fail to practice what they preach, but completely refudiate it.

Michael Moore is the worst boss ever, according to that noted BreitbartFoxNewsNeoCon tool…

Leonard Maltin?

First, Maltin says Moore stiffed workers who helped his Michigan-based film festival.

Secondly, Maltin says the far-left filmmaker, who he “respects and admires,” slandered his “dear friends” Deborah and Chapin Culter from Boston Light & Sound from the stage at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).



4 thoughts on “Unexpected

  1. His ex-wife is also suing him for unpaid her portion of mutual movie profits. Pretty funny, really. But then, libidiots only criticize others for doing what they are guilty of.

  2. Whoa–you mean Moore is a jackass in real life, too? Say it ain’t so, Joe! Just hard to believe…..

    Seriously, it strikes me that maybe, just maybe, Moore’s conspiratorial mindset and persistent accusations of acting in bad faith have something to do with the guy he sees when he shaves. You want to know what Moore is guilty of, just look at the accusations he throws.

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