Submitted For Approval

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I propose a new Berg’s Law.

“Socialists are frustrated people who believe that after the revolution, their worth will finally be recognized and they’ll triumphantly assume command, they won’t be purged with the rest of the kulaks, saboteurs and wreckers.  About this, they are uniformly mistaken.”

Joe:  Your proposal has been submitted to the Berg’s Law peer-review committee.

It has serious potentijal.

3 thoughts on “Submitted For Approval

  1. in the 70s a Russian emigre friend summed up college sociali$ts:
    “Everyone expects to be Kommisar, no one expects to clean bedpans”

  2. In Spain, the Popular Front was an alliance between the Socialists, Communists and Anarchists against the Nationalists. After the Popular Front won the election, one of the first things that happened was they started arresting the Socialists. And then that Franco fellow sailed in from the Canaries.

  3. Not surprising.
    These short-bussers believe that Trump commands his White Power army of 40 or so high school dropouts via coded language and signs in his television appearances.

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