I’m Not Saying…

…that gun control activists are stupid.

I am saying they sure hope you’re stupid, and are trying to make you more so

“Protect” MN posted this:

Now, I get that you can’t judge a book by its cover…

…but do you see this guy standing m line at Cabelas filling out his paperwork while waiting for his NICS to come back?

While I strive to remain civil, I’m at a loss to remember a less…cognitively adept public figure than Nancy Nord Bence.

7 thoughts on “I’m Not Saying…

  1. You would figure that, given that every criminal has his first arrest, these guys would be able to find an unsympathetic looking crook who actually would have passed a background check. But that would be work, I guess.

  2. Category, shit you cannot make up. Its only slightly less dumb than some who would tattoo a swastika there. That tattoo already eliminates him from about 97-99% of all jobs on Earth. Hes not the brightest bulb in the drawer (shut up I know what I said)

  3. The caption says he was arrested for unlawful possession. That meant he obtained a gun. She’s trying to assert that background checks would have prevented him from obtaining the gun, but we’re missing one link in the chain. Where did he get it? Did he pass a background check? Did he go to a licensed dealer? Or did he get it from an acquaintance, a girlfriend, out of the trunk of a tricked out Buick in Frogtown? If the latter, the expanded background check law would not have done any good Because straw purchasers, criminals, and thieves do not obey the law. but I’m too stupid to understand that, so I’m glad she posted them article so I would be sure to call my legislator and demand more gun control.

  4. Joe trying to use common sense with leftists in generals is pointless. Youd accomplish more trying to argue with a brick wall, which probably has a higher IQ.

  5. If you’re considering tattooing your face, rule #1 is don’t let you pal Buck’s little brother use it to practice.

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