Toxic Social “Justice”

Fathers Day greetings from the world’s social justice pimps:

I have seen at least three businesses lately that have signs or t-shirts in the window that boldly state: “The Future is Female,” probably placed there by someone (male or female) who thinks they are a good and altruistic person who doesn’t hate. But they are wrong. Advertising, whether it be in the Washington Post or a storefront window, that men are to be hated or excluded from the future of America is hate in its rawest form, plain and simple.

I have but five words for these social justice warriors who think that they are just speaking truth to power: “Hate Has No Home Here.” It never will; as long as you hate men and innocent boys in this country, you are the problem, not the solution. And the rest of us will treat you as such.

Y’know how you can tell those sort of contempt is catching on?  The market is reacting to it.  For thirty years, now, advertising for products and services largely bought by women have increasingly portrayed men as incompetent, bumbling overgrown children (inevitably and inexplicably married to gorgeous, accomplished women).  The market caters to things it sees people actually believing.

“But men do it too!”

Nah.  Look at ads for products catering to men – women may be portrayed as objects of juvenile desire, but the contempt just isn’t there.

The ads – like the signs – are the symptom.  The illness is “Feminism” as a politicla and social identity.

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  1. As a meme postulated over the weekend, why are there Mother’s Day ads about $3000 necklaces, and Father’s Day ads about $11 cargo shorts at Target?

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