The Part Big Left Missed…

While I’ve  been a Trump skeptic and non-fan for, literally, 60% of my life, and am lukewarm on many aspects of his presidency (and especially of the personality cult that’s built up around him), I’ll give him points for a bunch of things:  Gorsuch, rattling the Norks, his cabinet, his deregulatory frenzy, his initiatives in the Middle East…

…and the big kahuna of ’em all, his appeal to the sense that America is a good, not bad, thing.

To Big Left, that’s a bug, not a feature.

Robert “Not the Population Bomb Guy” Ehrlich writes:

Recall a lifetime ago (actually it was 2008), when a certified dove won the presidency in a landslide. One of his first official acts was to undertake a trip to a number of Muslim countries, wherein apologies were offered for America’s “imperialist” past. Assurances were also made: The cowboy Bush and his warmongering neocons were gone. Mr. Obama would now inform the world that America had learned its lesson. The U.S. would no longer manifest its arrogance on the world stage. We would henceforth strive to have the world like us — especially our charismatic but unthreatening young president, who was counterintuitive himself, seeming to act on the premise that if the United States was ostentatiously embarrassed about its dominance and power, we would be better liked. And we were better liked, but much more endangered and much less intimidating…And then one day the unlikeliest of political leaders appeared. Many voters (including some who ended up voting for him) saw Mr. Trump as unprepared to tackle the world’s most intractable problems…But there was one aspect to the Trump phenomena that all of his supporters firmly believed: that the “kick me” sign that had hung around America’s neck for eight years would be gone. Good riddance.

I’ve found Progs’ antipathy toward the US – one of few countries in the world that’d indulge their fripperies, legally or economically – curious and, at one point in my life, off-putting enough to give me one of the many little shoves it took to move me from left to right.

In my mind, it’s yet another reason to think about an amicable national divorce, splitting the nation into a country that doesn’t care about itself very miuch, and one that does.

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  1. The opening lines of this post remind of a conversation that Soucheray and Reusse once had on air. This is old-school Twin Cities radio with (Joe) Soucheray, a dyed-in-the-wool social conservative, and his “best friend”, (Patrick) Reusse, a curmudgeonly sports columnist and Democrat.

    So, Reusse was complaining about his in-ground pool and all the expenses that cropped up because of it, primarily taxes. He sounded just like a Republican and so Soucheray took the bait and ran down a list political topics and asked for Reusse’s short take. In essence, the answers all indicated agreement with Republicans. So Soucheray says, then you’ll be voting Republican this election? Hell, no, answered Reusse, never.

    Reusse has, as I’ve been led to believe, some personal issues with Republicans meaning he is emotionally invested in that dislike. It sure seems to me that the so-called cult of personality *for* Trump is matched by an equally emotionally invested cult of personality *against* Trump. YMMV, of course.

  2. Its a matter of when the second American Civil War turns (consistently) violent. The first shots were that jackass Bernie supporter last year that tried to kill the Republican Congressional Baseball team while they were practicing. The media barely acknowledged the anniversary. But we are as divideded, if not moreso now as we were in the 1850s over slavery. Its going to get much, much uglier before it gets better.

  3. And I was a #NeverTrump until the convention, then I actually started listening to his speeches, not the media analysis of his speeches, and you know what? The ideas arent that crazy and make sense. He is the most conservative president of my lifetime by a wide margin (Including Reagan, I was 2 when he left office). I never campaigned for him and apologized to God after I voted for him but I will enthusiastically campaign for his re-election

  4. I was Trump? until I heard a speech he gave in April before the convention. Forty-five minutes of foreign policy talk, without notes, I agreed with every word – even bugged my wife to see it. Never looked back. I and a lot of us were of the eff-you-all (including Republicans). Now, I’m actually optimistic. If that puts me into a cult of personality, so be it.

  5. … sorry, one more comment. I was for Cruz before Trump. I wish/hope the blood between them isn’t so bad, that Cruz wouldn’t be nominated to SCOTUS by Trump. That would be nice. I’ll shut up now.

  6. jdm, I’m not a huge fan of Cruz, but I would welcome his arrival on SCOTUS, if only because he would surely push reprobate leftists, who are so very very close, right out the window.

    Please take a moment to read this tear stained letter, and by all means relish the deep anguish contained in it

    Now, imagine images of progs breaking out the windows of NYC highrises, taking one last full from their soy lattes and launching themselves into space.



  7. Swiftee Bot, I saw the documentary RBG with my Mom (against my will) It was actually pretty good until the last half hour. But it would be such Karma if she got replaced by Cruz on the Supreme Court especially after her unbelievable comments on Trump.

  8. As scary and horrifying as it sounds to me, if Trump agreed to put Cruz on the SC, I’d feel obliged to fundraise, campaign, and vote for him.

  9. Just to show that I can adhere to the topic at hand: there will never be a so-called amicable divorce because it won’t be amicable. Schlichter’s two books, People’s Republic and Indian Country are reasonable depictions of such a divorce.

    The “country that doesn’t care about itself very miuch” will in a short amount of time turn in to North Venezuela and start causing problems for its neighbors. And besides, I don’t want to move from my little red enclave which is the 6th district to a majority red state.
    Geez, Swiftee, what a horribly wonderful article/letter.

  10. Hey. Why are we not hearing more from John Gilmore and Alpha News?

    “Mohammed” was the third most popular baby name in Saint Cloud in 2016. Who voted for that? Who was Mohammed? Do you think our local media will tell you anything about him? Mohammed was a butcher and a pedophile.”

    “I need no lectures in patriotism by Islamist shills like Rep. Ilhan Omar who has been in my country five minutes, thank you.”

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