The Rightful Owners

Former Iron Range legislator Carly Melin (who has since gone on to the great non-profit sinecure reward that awaits all DFL legislators) on the protests at the Blue Line on Fort Snelling yesterday:

Er, Ms. Melin? Why shouldn’t we be mad? We paid for it.

God knows you didn’t.

5 thoughts on “The Rightful Owners

  1. She said with an air of privelege of a person who has never been on public transit and never will be. But, she supports it, for the rest of us. I mean, just imagine how captive of an audience there would be if more of us were forced into public transit. The elites could protest, block our way to work, and we’d be stuck, no way to turn around. We’d be blocked into further submission at the whims of the ruling class.

  2. One thing about Jesse V is that he admitted up front he supported the train to get people off the road so he could drive his sports car without having to slow down or stop.

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