The Air Force loses a box of automatic grenade launcher rounds in western North Dakota:

The box looks something like this.

A 91st Missile Wing Security Forces team from the Minot Air Force Base lost the ammunition container on May 1 while traveling between missile sites in Mountrail County, according to a news release the Air Force issued late Friday.

A Mark 19 Grenade Launcher – basically a machine gun that shoots grenades.

The team was traveling on rough gravel roads about four miles west of Parshall when the back hatch of the vehicle opened, and an ammunition container fell out, the Air Force said.

The USAF helpfully adds:

The ammunition will not operate in any other launching device.

Since the USAF went nearly two weeks before telling the public about this, I’m gonna suggest that those rounds will turn up, expended, during prairie dog season, fired from some contraption ginned up by some Norwegian bachelor machinist.

Well, the cartridge cases will turn up, anyway.

6 thoughts on “Ooops

  1. Well, you know, grenade attacks are up all over in Sweden, related to gang violence. Apparently, getting hold of grenades in central and eastern European countries isn’t that difficult, and these are finding their way to Sweden.

    I’m guessing that gang-members of Swedish descent are behind the disappearance of this box of grenades in North Dakota.

  2. Having fired a few of these over the years, I think it’d be pretty awesome to see the results of firing them at prairie dogs. With a kill radius of 5 meters, and wounding of 15, it wouldn’t take many rounds. And, with an effective range of 1,500 meters, it might take a while to walk over and inspect the damage.

  3. I can confidently assert that the number of North Dakota farms without a four-wheeler is less than zero. (It would be zero if every farm had a four-wheeler, except so many farmers have more than one. It’s new math. You wouldn’t understand.)

  4. Either that or Ole Bobby and Lena Rae will have gone and done blowed themselves up while tinkering with the pretty blue bits after imbibing too much Lutefisk-flavored moonshine.

  5. Bill
    it is possible to make vodka with 100# potatoes, a bag of sugar, and 10# lutefisk

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