The Little Admiral

New York has a poverty rate well above the national average.  Crime is rising in NYC, as taxes scare away more and more  middle-class jobs.

So what does Andrew Cuomo want to do?

Build a navy to chase oil drillers away from the New York coast:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has apparently become unhinged by the primary challenge from the Left of “Sex and the City” co-star Cynthia Nixon. In an effort to get to the Left of Nixon, Cuomo has descended into a bizarre fantasy world.

To stop the Interior Department’s approval of offshore drilling, he vows “to commission a citizen fleet from throughout the state to go out and interfere with their federal [drilling] effort just as Winston Churchill did in Dunkirk…If you think I’m kidding, I’m not and I’m going to lead that citizen fleet.”

Odd that he opposes citizens owning guns to defend themselves – but he would authorize militancy against…business?

I’ve said for years that “progressivism” means never having to make sense”.  I’m starting to think it’s a positive handicap these days.

5 thoughts on “The Little Admiral

  1. Show you’re a man, Andrew. Tell us what boat you’re going to be on and make an easily identifiable fleet flag. The Coast Guard and Navy will take it from there.

  2. Love to see how the bellicose Cuomo would react should a Legend-class Coast Guard Cutter intervene against his flag ship with a few rounds fired across it’s bow. Upon his inevitable surrender let him face piracy charges.

  3. One of the reasons for Trump’s political success is that he is exposing the Left as just another “tribe” with interests that conflict with other Americans.
    I’m reading Goldberg’s Suicide of the West. Goldberg’s argument is that the phenomenal prosperity of the last three centuries or so is a creation of the West, and the key to this prosperity is the de-tribalization of political economy. The argument is good, but it only goes so far. I haven’t finished the book yet, but I want to see if Goldberg realizes the limits of his thesis. especially the tendency of capitalism to see traditional values as an impediment to economic growth.

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