An Idea Whose Time Must End

Leftist adulation for Ruth Bader Ginsburg grows to Tulip Fever proportions:

Amy Wallace, a 34-year-old attorney in Minneapolis, got a Rosie the Riveter-inspired RBG sleeve last year, which had a blink-or-you’ll-miss-it cameo in the new film.
rbg ruth bader ginsburg tattoo
“Justice Ginsburg is my only personal hero, and as an atheist, my adoration of her is the closest thing I get to personal worship,” she told Refinery29. “The secular iconography of Rosie the Riveter mashed up with Justice Ginsburg seemed like a perfect articulation of the way I feel about her.” The idea for it came after seeing someone else’s tattoo of Our Lady of Guadalupe with a modern, feminist twist (A.K.A. standing inside a vulva instead of surrounded by a religious halo).
My first impression – what a waste of good ink and graftable skin.

11 thoughts on “An Idea Whose Time Must End

  1. Somehow Margaret Hamilton’s most famous role comes to mind when I see this….

  2. This is the kind of stupid, easy, of-little-consequence BS that leftists always engage. I mean when they’re not hounding someone with the wrong opinions out of a family, job, career, house, town…

  3. I encourage this sort of behavior from leftist skaanks.

    Until they properly mark themselves with tattoos, add at least 10oz of metal piercings, restrict shaving to their heads and washing to their hands they may attract the attention of decent young men.

    It’s hard to raise sons these days and parents really dont need the added chaos of a leftist skaanks in the mix.

    So by all means; identify yourselves as soulless sluts in the most glaring and graphic ways possible.

  4. It was, NW, for about a minute.

    Leftist skaanks latched on to those too, right away. They are not gonna let no man beat them to the bottom of the tank.

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  6. Ginsberg’s minority opinions are terrible. She pulls supporting precedents out of thin air (actually I suppose her clerks do this). So, for example, in the Ledbetter V Goodyear, she sent her clerks out to find a precedent — any precedent — where the SC had found a time limit in a written law to be unconstitutional, then claimed that was precedent to find for the plaintiff in Ledbetter. For Ginsberg, reasoning always takes a back seat to Leftist ideology.
    She was raised Orthodox Jewish and this influence, embarrassingly, appears in some of her opinions. She does not seem to understand that Evangelical Christians are not a self-help group, and that they are obligated by their religion to seek converts.

  7. Thank God I made all my bad youthful decisions before tattoos became the rage.

  8. And the only things I pierced in my youth were my eardrums (but those 2nd row tickets to Springsteen were totally worth it).

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