Math Isn’t Their Strong Suit

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

They pay burger flippers nearly $12 per hour now.  The workers went union for a fair wage.

Bad news, people.  The fair wage for someone whose only marketable skill is flipping burgers is $10.  They were overpaying to keep the union out.  Now they’ll agree to raise wages but that will force layoffs to balance the budget.

There will be one guy working for $100 an hour but the rest of you will be replaced by a burger-flipping machine.  I predict bankruptcy in three years.

Joe Doakes

The story is from Portland – which seems to believe, these days, that if you vote for something hard enough, you’re enttitled to it.

4 thoughts on “Math Isn’t Their Strong Suit

  1. bankruptcy? for who? the business, the union, or the individual worker? Is that fiscal or moral or intellectual bankruptcy, because at least one of them has already occurred.

  2. “Union Demands: affordable health insurance, a $5-per-hour-raise for each employee, a more reliable scheduling system, and the discontinuation of “E-Verify,” a program Burgerville uses during the hiring process that identifies and reports undocumented immigrants.”

    Also there is an ongoing boycott of this company until after the union contract is completed. So my questions is…..if the company raises their prices by 25% to pay for these things, will the lefties of Portland eat there more to support their union brothers and sisters and those with no known gender?

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