Am I The Only One…

…who sees stories like this and immediately started looking for stories about the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office looking for new voting booths for Republican districts?

Probably.  Probably.

4 thoughts on “Am I The Only One…

  1. Around here, it more likely the Secretary of State will hire Voter Assistance Officers to staff polling stations. After you mark your ballot in the voting booth, the VAO will review it for completeness and accuracy, to avoid hanging chads, duplicate entries and stray marks. This will ensure that you don’t have any trouble voting for the “correct” candidate. If necessary to guarantee the integrity of the election, the VAO will have the authority to discard any “spoiled” ballots which, in their opinion, are not properly cast.

    Democrats are expected to win all races by wide margins.

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  3. Actually, i think these could be very useful.

    Put one on every corner in every major city, and hang a sign on it that says “Free abortion”.

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