Orwell Was A Pollyanna

Progs at Evergreen State (but I repeat myself) equate science and white supremacy:

Earlier this week, some graffiti was spotted on campus that sought to couterpose intersectionality and the sciences, equating the latter with white supremacy. Facilities staff have completed the chore of cleaning up the graffiti.

Bret Weinstein – the former ESU bio prof who became a national symbol for the intolerant left, had a riposte:


Remember this Berg’s Seventh Law violation next time some liberal bobblehead coos that the left is the party of science.

7 thoughts on “Orwell Was A Pollyanna

  1. I wonder if Chinese Cultural Revolution is studied at Evergreen? Excuse my rhetorical question, of course not!

  2. justplainangry,

    I am sure Evergreen offers a number of courses on the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

    Look under HowTo… in their course catalog.

  3. If Issac Newton hadn’t stolen Mukumba’s laws, none of this would have happened.

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  5. Wasnt this the same place that a student called a biologist a nazi during a forumfor pointing out the FACTS about how men and women are different?

  6. Orwell didnt go far enough for this shit. I have to laugh when the left was saying during the Bush years that “1984 isnt supposed to be a playbook.” The left agrees now, because it doesnt go far enough.

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