The Gray Wasteland

Kevin Williamson sums up a vast expanse of “suck” in re the NYTimes’ coverage of gun issues:

he New York Times is uniquely bad on the subject of firearms. There are two ways to understand that sentence, and both apply: Among major news publications, the Timesregularly exhibits an unparalleled level of illiteracy on the subject of firearms, and it exhibits comparable illiteracy on practically no other subject. Even on such self-acknowledged weak spots as American religion, the Times rarely sinks to the level of outright stupidity that characterizes its coverage of firearms and related crimes.

That’s just the introduction.  It gets worse.  Read the whole thing.

4 thoughts on “The Gray Wasteland

  1. I respect Trump for drawing attention to this issue when his base wants it to disappear.

    I hope that Trump will have the courage to use his authority with the pro-gun part of our society and his penchant for unorthodox solutions to take some politically controversial pragmatic steps that actually make a difference.

    He does have good political instincts and maybe senses that maybe the country has reached a tipping point and is finally fed up.

  2. It would be nice if some thoughtful commenter would explain the pragmatic steps that actually would make a difference in preventing crimes like the Florida school shooting.

  3. So Trump should give in to the hate mongers of the Left? They do not have common-sense solutions. They propose the solutions of irrational people giving vent to their hate filled against people they are supposed to rule the country with.

  4. So the feds and the local cops screw up and let a psychopath murder 17 people. And the answer is to take your guns away.
    That is moronic by anyone’s definition. How can you compromise with idiocy coupled to tyrannical instincts?

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