I Suppose It’s Better Than “Beaten-Down Passive-Aggressive Lemmings”

The media tells us we’ll l be hearing a lot of the motto “Bold North“:

From billboards to merchandise to the utterances of the international media that has descended on the Twin Cities, “Bold North,” the tagline of Super Bowl LII, will be everywhere.

And, yeah, that’s us: Minnesota. We’re the Bold North.

Not the Midwest, or the Upper Midwest. Or the “Nation’s Ice Box.” Certainly not the place where cute-but-simple folks say “Oh Geez.” Or the place where everyone is humbly above average.

Bold North is the place where you don’t merely hope to survive a sub-zero north wind, you stick your chin into the teeth of it with pride. Take that, Lake Wobegon.

Of course, it’s marketing; marketing brought to you by the same people who brought you the campaign to spend a billion dollars of taxpayer money to pay for Zygi Wilf’s real estate upgrade (to say nothing of the Star-Tribune’s real estate windfall:

According to interviews with several people who were part of Bold North’s inception, Eric Dayton deserves credit for the “North” part.

Dayton and his brother Andrew are the owners of Bachelor Farmer restaurant, Askov Finlayson clothing store and Marvel Bar, three successful businesses in the North Loop of Minneapolis. They’re also the sons of Gov. Mark Dayton, whose great-grandfather founded Dayton’s department store, a venture that later became Target Corp. (Gov. Mark Dayton Monday uttered “Bold North” a few times during Monday’s official first news conference — the first time he said he’s spoken the term.)

Let’s translate that into English.

The media/DFL/business cartel that controls life in the Twin Cities is generating slogans for the proles to chant.  Like Kraft Durch Freude, or “Ignorance Is Strength”.

5 thoughts on “I Suppose It’s Better Than “Beaten-Down Passive-Aggressive Lemmings”

  1. The NFL figured after the servicing Dayton gave them, the least they could do was let his downs syndrome progeny name the puppy.

  2. Since DT Minneapolis looks like a scene from Trulbert, I’m trying to figure out if “Bold North” was the rallying cry of the Lutherans or Methodists?

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