We’ve Done So Much Winning, We’re Tired Of It

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

 The US unemployment rate is the lowest in 45 years.  The US Black unemployment rate is the lowest ever.  Trump has invigorated the “animal spirits” to turn around the economy.  America is headed in the right direction.  Therefore . . .
Obama is getting back into politics.

You didn’t think it could last, did you?

10 thoughts on “We’ve Done So Much Winning, We’re Tired Of It

  1. It’s Newsweek. We conservatives can only hope that Obama’s return to politics will have the same effect on the makeup of the US congress & state houses that it had 2008-2016.

  2. “Trump has invigorated the “animal spirits’”

    You sayin he’s got Tiger blood, Joe? Zat whachur sayin?

  3. An effective GOP counter to Obama “getting involved in election politics” would be to drag GW Bush off his ranch and have him campaign for Republicans. No I am not kidding.
    Obama’s appearance in a contested congressional district will create more GOP voters than Dem voters.

  4. It’s amazing how far to the left Time, US News & World Report and Newsweek have skidded, MP. They’re MSNBC’s print edition.

    Hamster cage bedding is a sad end to a once proud heritage in Time’s case.

    I agree though, Barry up there Kenyasplainin our White Privilege again will get GOP voters feeling froggy. Maybe Cankles will join in as a double billing headliner…that would be sweet.

  5. The GOP has one big problem: Trump’s big mouth.
    The Dems have a host of smaller problems. The unpopularity of amnesty, the unpopularity of gun control, and, it seems, the unpopularity of impeachment. The Monmouth pol that came out the other day says 38% support impeachment, 57% oppose it. Yet to whip their voters to the polls, and pass their own purity test, every Dem candidate will have to support impeachment.
    I guess it is part of the Dem’s “strength through lunacy” plan.

  6. Clinton’s, Kennedy’s, Bush’s, oh my! From Monty Python and the Holy Grail”

    bring out your dead…clang
    bring out your dead…clang
    bring out your dead…clang
    bring out your dead…clang

  7. If the investigation of the FBI gets some legs, Obama won’t be getting back into politics except in the way Mumia Abu-Jamal participates. And that should happen.

  8. The guilty are only punished when they have an R behind their name, bike. Compare and contrast: Feinstein leaks a classified memo and then blames it on a flu. Nothing but crickets. Schifty wants the release of the legally approved and declassified memo squashed because there were edits made from the original version. Edits in part demanded by the demoncRats.

    Whoever thinks we have laws in this country that treat everyone the same is a naïve idealist. But hey, prove me wrong! Please!

  9. After she handled TS/SAP intel with less care than Aunt Sally hides her cookie recipe, I thought sure Cankles would go to trail, at the very least. I didn’t think the FBI would be willing to set a new prerequisite and precedent for mishandling secret information with the necessity to intend to do it…but they did.

    Now, I don’t think any high ranking politician will ever be convicted of anything, ever again.

  10. Now, I don’t think any high ranking politician will ever be convicted of anything, ever again.

    And now Bob Menendez walks free when the govt. drops all charges after a mistrial.

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