Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Emmanuel Macron won the Presidency of France six months ago by claiming to be more friendly, more compassionate, more caring than the far-rightnationalist candidate Marine Le Pen who pledged to crack down on immigrants.  As recently as July, Macron was celebrated as the Anti-Trump, a globalist who believes Europe needs to do more for immigrants.

President Macron is cracking down on immigrants.

Well, yes.  He must, because pesky reality keeps intruding into Liberal fantasy.  Millions of Middle Eastern men who flooded Europe hoping for jobs cannot sleep on the streets forever.  Eventually, they must go back and the barbed wire must go up to keep out the next wave.  Too many came too quickly for assimilation; the only possibilities are repatriation or extermination.

The difference between globalists and nationalists is we’re honest about where we’re inevitably headed.

Joe Doakes

Side note:   wouldn’t it be ironic if all the people fret today about “cultural appropriation” woke up to found out their culture had been appropriated from them?

3 thoughts on “Renversement

  1. As I have said before, when bleeding heart lefties start sponsoring those “poor, disadvantaged immigrants” by bringing them into their safe homes and mansions, they can open their mouths. Until then, don’t try to spend my money to support criminals.

  2. Lessee….the western european nations haven’t been able to provide jobs for the majority of their citizens. Response; bring in hundreds of thousands of refugees, knowing that you won’t be able to provide work for them, either.

    As they say in Germany, “Dumm bleibt dumm; da helfen keine Pillen.” (dumb is dumb; no pill can help)

  3. bb, I prefer an American expression: You can’t fix stupid.

    Millions of Middle Eastern men who flooded Europe hoping for jobs cannot sleep on the streets forever.

    They are not looking for jobs. They are a colonization and islamization force.

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