Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Article examines why Alabama voters shifting back toward Moore.  Weakness of claims, distracting news accounts (Weinstein, Franken, Lauer), traditional Republican state, all likely true but I suspect the real reason is timing.

The Washington Post released the article as an October Surprise, intended to create the drop in the polls that it did create.  But they dropped the bomb too early.  They were relying on the traditional news cycle of print and monopoly television to get out damaging information while guarding against exculpatory information.  The plan was to keep voters upset at Moore until the clock ran out. That’s the way it always worked in the past.

They miscalculated the way people now get their news, instantly, from multiple sources.  Using those faster sources, Moore had time to recover.  The recovery was helped by all the other factors in the article, sure, but if the Post had dropped the bomb closer to the election, the recovery would have come too late for Moore and the plan to smear him into losing the election would have succeeded.

Count on Liberals to remember it next time.

Joe Doakes

My two cents:  It’s a collective FU to the establishment that gave Clinton and the like a pass on things just as bad as Moore is accused of.

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  1. It’s a collective FU to the establishment that gave Clinton and the like a pass on things just as bad as Moore is accused of.

    I hadn’t realized that Moore was accused of actual rape-rape (Clinton-Broaddrick) or of leaving a paramour to drown to death (Kennedy-Kopechne). I guess I’m behind the news cycle. /sarc

    Moore has a sleazy past (while a Democrat I will observe) with his chasing of teenagers and I frankly don’t like his present moralization and lack of respect for the Constitution. In this I view him much as I do Trump: while I dislike the man, I can tolerate his policies. Compared to what the Democrats have routinely put and kept in power, he is merely a minor devil that can be dealt with at the next general election.

  2. Three things things I have noticed about the media coverage of Moore:
    -The remoteness of his offenses is obscured or not mentioned (forty years ago).
    -Women at or beyond the age of consent are called children.
    -The most damning accusation, that he became, er, “very fresh” with a fourteen year old, is the least well established. Moore claims he did not know the girl at the time of the alleged incident.

  3. Moore’s failure to respect the law is far more serious than his history of sexual misconduct.

  4. The people of Alabama are about to elect a person that people in Minnesota would not elect. This is: (a) a huge national crisis or (b) none of our damned business.

    I’ll bet you a brand-new nickel that I can accurately predict how Liberals and RINOs will answer.

  5. “The people of Alabama are about to elect a person that people in Minnesota would not elect.”(cough, Al Franken, cough)

  6. EI: funny, I’d say the same thing about a LOT of politicians, including Presidents “I’ve got a pen and a phone” Obama and “It depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is” Clinton. So…..Moore is unique in this regard….exactly how?

  7. Of course, EI is just fine with John Conyers paying his victims with our tax money and being allowed to retire, rather than resign.

    IIMO, he should be stripped of his cushy retirement package, that was never approved by voters anyway.

  8. Progressives applaud law-breaking mayors and governors who refuse to enforce the immigration laws passed by the people’s congress, signed into law by an elected president, and declared constitutional by the courts.
    This has a far greater impact on our national life than a judge in Alabama defying the supreme court by posting the Ten Commandments in his courtroom.
    Anyone who feels otherwise, feel free to make your case.

  9. MP, are you suggesting that is what eTASS referred to? And there I thought that he was talking about Moore’s parking tickets.

  10. Sometimes I wish the moderation system was more clear. What is it about 10 Democratic senators together and simultaneously calling for Franken’s resignation that triggered it?

    In any case, Moore must be doing better than the Democrats expected for this sort of reaction.

  11. Yes. MP. Very egregious flaunting of the law. I am surprised Moore did not get a death penalty. It is not like his actions resulted in deaths of US citizens at the hands of violent criminals being given sanctuary in violation of federal laws and pure common sense. He should been led to the guillotine, or better yet drawn and quartered for his crime!

  12. JPA: I’m surprised you didn’t say “sent to Siberia.” :^) (my pastor went there on a missions trip, and I joked that I wanted a t shirt that said “I sent my pastor to Siberia, and all I got was this crummy t-shirt”)

    (pastor made it back A-OK and had a great time!)

    And while I’m glad that Franken is theoretically stepping down, it’s really more of a tactical step than it is a moral or ethical one. With more and more accusers, Democrats are dreading next year and having this shoved in their faces. And if/when they show Franken the door and help secure the seat for 2020, they will be sure to say this is proof of how they are morally superior.

  13. In 2008, Minnesotans knew that Franken was a comedian-turned-politician who had episodes of violent behavior, had been a heavy user of hard drugs (though he claims he was never an addict), and held a deep hatred for 50% of the people he was supposed to represent. The DFL’rs of 2008 would have voted for Franken if all that is known about his sexual escapades now was known in 2008.
    If the Dems want him out, it is likely the result of high level discussions leading to the conclusion that a Dayton-appointed replacement would do better than Franken in the 2020 election.
    What names have been popping up?

  14. bb, unless you get stuck in a labor camp, a lot of Siberia is not much different from the North Woods, albeit most is about as civilized as Boundary Waters. And last time I checked, North Woods was called G*d’s country. So yeah, a great place to visit. Especially to hunt. Maybe one day…

  15. Tent Life in Siberia was written a century and a half ago by an American on a quasi-military expedition in Siberia (they were looking into building a US to Europe telegraph line through Siberia). It is so well written I would call it literature. It is in the public domain, so you can find a PDF of the book just by googling the title.

  16. Nerd, you’re undeniably a smart fellow so I’m surprised you’ve come to a conclusion regarding Moore.

    So far, there isn’t a shred of evidence proving he did anything wrong. The two main accusers have been refuted by 2 credible, female witnesses that have no ties to Moore or the GOP, and in the case of the one that claims Moore harassed her in high school, her own damn lawyer has said publicly she cannot verify the authenticity of the supposed evidence (which Moore says is fraudulent).

    From what I’ve seen so far, Moore is guilty of nothing but being a guy the status quo is scared shit of because he has proved he puts his faith ahead of his career.

    That would scare the shit out of any career politician, left or right.

  17. And BTW. Franken (that POS), has admitted to most of his buffoonery (mostly because there are dozens of photos of him doing it), but he refutes this latest one.

    Now, no one hates that MFer more than me, but damn it, he has the right to face his accuser.

  18. Regarding God’s Country in Russia, something in me would love to travel the whole length of the line from Moscow to Vladivostok, with a few stops. Maybe it would happen. Not sure if I’d get one of those coal fired samovars and a lot of black bread to make it truly authentic, but maybe….

    Swiftee, it strikes me that nerdbert’s comment is not a statement that Moore is guilty, but rather that the Democrats know they can’t run him out on a rail unless they get rid of Conyers and Franken.

  19. Is there any hope that the general population will adopt the same stance I have when it comes to October surprises? When accusations come this late in the game, I either disregard them or treat them as highly suspicious, especially when there isn’t any hint of a reasonable explanation as to why the allegations did not come out sooner.

  20. Swiftee, a 30+ year old hitting on teenagers is creepy. It may not be illegal, but it is creepy even if the age of consent is 16 and only one accuser (the least creditable but most sensational and the one that set this all off) was younger than that. Now admittedly that was was a while back, but still….

    And a judge who refuses to follow superior judges’ ruling is sleazy, no matter if I think he was right. Judges have a hierarchy for a reason, and if you need to step out of the hierarchy for some reason you should do do properly.

    So no, I’m not a fan of Moore.

  21. Isn’t it funny that people who think Trump is a pathological liar believe every word he spoke was the truth when he said:
    “I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it, you can do anything… grab them by the pussy.”

  22. MP, if persecutorial discretion is allowed to discriminate who gets to follow the law and who does not, why not selective hearing discretion?

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