There’s a lot of hate on the American left for people who are Not Like Them. I see it and hear it, even among friends and acquaintances who are left of center; many of them think the vast quote on washed and put boards in flyover land are just plain less human than they are. They don’t even bother trying to hide it; Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel marinade in disdain for those they consider their inferiors, and they reflect a point of you here in coffee shops and Whole Foods from coast over to the next coast.

Hayley Geftman-Gold’s only mistake was being overheard by the wrong people, and working in one of few parts of the media industry were giving the impression of toxic bias is still bad form:

“If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that Repugs will ever do the right thing. I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans often are Republican gun toters.”

If she’d worked on the programming, or possibly news, sides of the operation, nothing would’ve happened.

Don’t shed a tear for Haley, though. The big left looks out for its own. She’ll have a job, and a darn good one, someplace, soon.

I’m going to bet it’ll be at NPR.

18 thoughts on “Hate

  1. The Clinton Crime Family may be looking for a like minded counselor or maybe the Obama Crime family needs a good intersectional mouthpiece.

  2. Maybe NPR, but how many lawyers does a broadcasting organization need? Maybe I’m out of the loop, but yeesh. I’m thinking she goes back to ordinary law where people are likely to forget about what she did, or not care.

  3. bikebubba, I doubt that she planned to work as a lawyer for NPR (or PBS for that matter). I mean, why slog through law when one can find more lucrative work as an opinion maker which is what “journalists” now call themselves.

  4. “Don’t shed a tear for Haley, though. The big left looks out for its own. She’ll have a job, and a darn good one, someplace, soon.”

    I would bet that as her boss was firing her, that person was also saying “don’t worry, I just have to do this to save face. I already set you up over at…”

  5. For all she knows, the people shot were all Democrats.
    Another fine example of the American educated elite:
    Graduate of Columbia Law School, father a stockbroker, mother a public school teacher, and a complete moron whose intellectual heft is overmatched by the people who sweep the floor at Walmart.

  6. Greg, take a gander at her without those big cheesy glasses…..sorry, she’s not going to be doing anything in front of a camera, if you catch my drift. We ugly people gotta work for a living! :^)

  7. Well bikebubba, I see your point………..but on the other hand, have you actually watched DEMOCRACY NOW! on PBS?

    Now, I don;t want to say anything unkind about people’s appearances, even if their progressive values prevent them from taking care of their hair – but let’s just say that after 30 seconds of watching that show, you’ll see why adding Ms. Geftman-Gold to the cast would boost their ratings.

  8. Greg: nope. My condolences to you, since you seem to be well acquainted with the show. Don’t they say that looking that way will turn a man to stone? :^)

  9. Her comment is ugly and unforgivable. There are likewise MANY people on the American right who preach the same hate. For example, Pat Robertson. Also, it’s not the American Left but rather the American Right which elected and overt racist in Donald Trump, a man who condemned David Duke a number of years ago but then pretended to not know who he was so that he could avoid offending the KKK members of the American Right. A man who called Mexicans racists, and a man who blamed ALL Muslims for the acts of some extremists by suggesting we should prevent them from entering the country,

    As always Mitch, while I understand the complaint, her words were ugly, but where is your condemnation of the much larger issue of hate on the American Right? Oh yeah, I remember now, you prefer to ignore your own sins.

  10. Pen, no argument that Robertson has said a bunch of idiotic things, but it’s worth noting that CBN is not a news network that has to maintain some appearance of impartiality.

    Come to think of it, neither is CNN. Oops, my mistake. :^)

    Seriously, not only does CNN have (in theory) a journalistic reputation to protect, but she was also working in legal, where public statements like that are strongly discouraged as well, because they undercut the very premise of equal protection under the law.

  11. thanks–and the same, really. CBN can afford to alienate most of the country, CBS cannot.

  12. Penigma, one of the reasons we mock you so much is you use such juvenile debate tactics. “He did it, too!” stops being persuasive around third grade.

  13. JD, I hate to do it, but with the exception of the always laughable dissassociation of racism and the reprobate left, teh Peevee has a point. Many, no, most “leaders” left and right are feckless shitheels.

    Which is why we need to limit their power. All of them.

    Peevee’s problem is, he thinks his ilk isn’t bereft of value…they are, profoundly so.

  14. Swiftee, I agree there are people on both sides justify bad behavior by saying “he did it, too.”

    The difference is Penigma thinks that excuse makes bad behavior okay. I think it compounds bad behavior with bad reasoning.

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