Berg’s 18th Law Is In Effect

The shooting in Vegas was an atrocity. But it hasn’t been 48 hours.

Until 48 hours have passed, you’re better off getting your news from the crazy lady at the bus stop than the MSM.

Given the targets, it’s every bit as likely this attack was spawned by “Punch A Nazi” entitlement as anything.

(And if it was? Watch this be the least-publicized spree killing in history. Or watch for the Big Left to blame “Punch A Nazi” on Trump)

54 thoughts on “Berg’s 18th Law Is In Effect

  1. “D.L. points out there were no laws stopping the gunman….”

    Funny, I am pretty sure that murder is illegal in Nevada.

  2. I love you man, you’re the best!

    Meds. You forgot to take your meds, eTASS-BFL. Your mental acuity is slipping beyond its usual level of a round peg in a square hole.

  3. Imagine the following scenario:
    After Sandyhook, Australia-type long gun confiscation is put into effect in the US. Paddock, a fine, upstanding citizen with a professional background and no criminal record or apparent mental health issues, joins the police reserve. As a member of the police reserve he is allowed to purchase and keep long guns. On Sunday Night, Oct. 1, 2017, he uses those guns to massacre 58 people at a Las Vegas resort . . .

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