This blog very rarely endorses political candidates; I believe the practice of media outlets endorsing candidates is much more harmful than good, and I think I’ve done it twice in fifteen years, only in circumstances that were dire enough to warrant it.

And those are the circumstances today.

Minneapolis is holding a mayoral election – one of the more important in its history.  There are quite a few candidates in the running.   But only one of them is exactly perfect for Minneapolis at this stage of its history.

Shot in the Dark endorses…

Nekima Levy-Pounds.

It was a long, hard decision, choosing Levy-Pounds over Ray Dehn; it was a close call.

No, hear me out.

Minneapolis is pretty much a doomed city.  Even as the city’s business sector is floundering in taxes and regulations, the idiot City Council has poured on more regulations, mandatory sick time, an artificial hike in the minimum wage, and much more.  Crime in North Minneapolis is rising even as the rest of the state becomes dramatically more peaceful – while Minneapolis’ government, the council and Mayor, divert themselves with social justice fripperies and virtue-trumpeting.

In most of the country, this sort of aimless dithering would be rewarded by a voter uprising and a turnover in government.  But Minneapolis is a one-party city; most Republicans, outside of a plucky defiant minority, have moved to places where productivity and actual freedom are appreciated.

Since a political solution is out of the question, the market will have to do the job.  The sooner the better.

For the good of the whole state in perpetuity, Minneapolis must collapse under the weight of its three-generation-long marinade in “progressive” politics.  It must go bankrupt; it’s residents must feel the full pain of the consequences of their decades of delusion.

And while Ray Dehn promises to bring that collapse in a huge hurry, Nekima Levy-Pounds will add to it  a level of angry, conspiracy-mongering racism that wijll accelerate things, and nauseate the small residue of remaining Minneapolitans of all races with any sense of morality to either move or fight for real change.

And so I endorse Nekima Levy-Pounds

13 thoughts on “Endorsement

  1. Initially, my reaction was to disagree with you and continue my support for Ray Dehn. However, your reasoning convinced me that she is the better choice, if for no other reason than an excuse to pop popcorn, sit back, and watch the show.

    most Republicans, outside of a plucky defiant minority, have moved to places where productivity and actual freedom are appreciated.

    I’m FB Friends with at least 4 of them, and to this day, still can’t believe they haven’t fled for safer pastures. I understand their reasoning, I just don’t share it.

  2. I’m one of those few. Plus, I own a business that isn’t easily picked up and moved in Minneapolis. I was looking at all the candidates, and was thinking that Captain Jack Sparrow was the best choice. He’s the least likely to cause any harm. Then again, there’s a 23 year old libertarian that I’m liking. Just to toss a wrench in the process.

  3. best of all she’s a carpetbagger so she won’t be happy until she becomes governor, then US Senator, or US Rep, He goal is Washington – she seems to models her political trajectory most closely to Hillary

  4. I read the drooling sycophant piece on Jacob Frey in Sunday’s Red Star. When I learned that he was a transplant from Virginia, everything about his stupidity made sense.

    I think that Minnesota needs its own “wall” and we need to get the other states to pay for it! 😂

  5. Mitch: You know I am a member of that tiny persecuted minority in Minneapolis. This is the crummiest batch of mayoral candidates that I’ve seen in my 34 years of living in the belly of the beast. I hate ranked choice but may put in a 2nd choice for the first time this year. It won’t be for Nekima. I understand your logic but I gotta live here and I will probably put in Jacob Frey as my second…after I vote Libertarian. Tom Hoch is also not as dismally repugnant as the others.but touting his Planned Parenthood connections is just too much for me to handle voting for him. I am sure the rest of the pack is pro-choice but maybe less vocal about it.

  6. Seems to me the Mpls Dems would have to drag 93yr. old Don Fraser out of mothballs to have someone of any integrity to take the mayor reins. What would he think of the Mpls council of today compared to his time in office?

  7. Let’s see how liberalthink is working out in Baltimore. You just cannot make this shit up:

    As homicides mount, Baltimore residents are again calling for a weekend without violence. The second 72-hour-long Baltimore Ceasefire is scheduled Friday through Sunday with events planned around the city each day in an effort to curb the city’s rising number of homicides as it nears 300. “We’re doing ceasefires quarterly because we saw what the first one did, how much hope it gave the city,” said Erricka Bridgeford, one of the event’s founders. The first ceasefire was held in August after 188 people had been killed, and included marches, cookouts and vigils across the city, and two men were killed.

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