Nope. Never Seen This Before.

SCENE:  Avery LIBRELLE is running down the street, clearly hysterical.  BERG sees Avery. 

BERG:  Avery!  What’s the matter?  Do you need help?

LIBRELLE:   There is  no help for this!  Trump is going to lead us into a nuclear war with North Korea!  We’re all doomed!

BERG:  How on earth do you figure?

LIBRELLE:   All that toxic masculinity!  That always leads to disaster!

BERG:  Er – have you read this yet?

LIBRELLE:  (Reads article).  Ah.  Another big win for Obama’s legacyi of diplomacy.

BERG:  That makes no sense… (But LIBRELLE has already skipped away)


5 thoughts on “Nope. Never Seen This Before.

  1. There will be no war with North Korea. Aside from all his bluster and hot air, Trump’s NK policy looks a lot like Obama’s NK policy.

  2. Man, it’s easy to win arguments with fictional people. Too bad the world isn’t fiction you can just make be what you want it to be.. although I guess Dick Cheney thought it was, too. Good company you’re keeping.

    The issue with NK isn’t whether Trump is leading us into war with NK, it’s whether the man realizes that ANY sort of exchange of weapons with NK could lead to something which got out of control. He’s not smart enough to get that.

    More importantly, Mitch (and the Mtichkateers), is that you have no good options on NK, making military threats means very little. China won’t believe you because they know you don’t have good options. You don’t have good options because you can’t possibly keep NK from using it’s artillery on Seoul. It might mean the end of NK, but KJI doesn’t see it that way. Moreover, he sees getting nukes as his insurance policy, he’s not crazy, he’s evil, but not crazy, so again, threats are stupid because it makes you look weak, you are impotent, you can’t carry them out, so you’re just blustering and look weak.

    So, unlike fiction, NK isn’t going away. Unilateral talks, which is in what NK wants rather than multilateral, aren’t functional and what Obama resisted. Bush wanted unilateral talks, but they don’t work because the rest of the countries in the area, especially SK and Japan, must be considered. Trump wanted China to “fix” it, because in his simple mind telling China to “fix” it was all that was needed. As if they’re simply going to take orders from him! (LOL!) Trump sees the world in these stupid terms as if he’s still running a family business where he can just scream and get angry and people and fire anyone who doesn’t agree. That’s why he threatened NK, making himself look just as stupid as anyone you can think of, even someone fictional.

    But hey, nice try on the creating a simplistic strawman. Good luck with that. if you have an actual solution on NK, I suggest you forward it to Trump he needs it badly. Clearly you’re much smarter than Obama and Bush too, maybe you can have a fictional argument with them? Or, if you’re really brave, try having one with a real live person who recognized the constraints under which Obama was operating?

    Nah, that’d be too scary…

  3. You don’t have good options because you can’t possibly keep NK from using it’s artillery on Seoul.

    Yup, it’s not like we have satellites, an air force, and the like that might figure out where the main threats are, or how to neutralize them. And certainly it’s not like using artillery on Seoul might create an opening for a counter-invasion by the South Koreans and the U.S.

    And regarding how similar Trump’s policy is to Obama’s, certainly it’s not like Obama’s geopolitical opponents (say in Syria) figured out his red lines were negotiable.

  4. The Un is just carrying on the Kim family tradition; rattling the rusty saber, or bargain nuke, over at the kid’s table and hoping someone takes him seriously. Trump’s policy is also the same, it’s just that he responded in the same language Kim uses. It may not be “presidential” but it’s kind of fun.

    As for arguing with “made up” people, I originally thought Pen fell into that category, but by now I’ve realized that no one could carry a joke that far, or invest so many words.

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