Factoid To Remember

Fqctoid to remember the next time the Victim Disarmament / Safe Criminals movement starts jabbering about the “Gun Lobby”:

Contrary to the ignorant assumptions that inform our political discourse, the NRA is a relatively small spender when it comes to campaign donations and lobbying, being at the moment the 460th-largest campaign donor and the 156th-highest-spending lobbyist.

Use it in good health.

5 thoughts on “Factoid To Remember

  1. from the link:
    “Representative Rice believes that her constituents are emotionally incontinent children who can be manipulated with dishonest rhetoric and cheap emotional ploys.”

  2. Not to threadjack here, but it is related to the topic.

    Yesterday, I received an email from the fools at Minnesota Gun Rights, soliciting donations to stop Ron Latz’ gun control bill that allegedly is being “rammed through” the legislature, under the guise of a Mental Health Bill.

    I was unable to find any new bills sponsored by Herr Latz, but perhaps someone here knows what MGR is taking about.

  3. There you go again! Letting messy facts get in the way of a perfectly satisfying tantrum.

  4. Politicians respect – and even love – money. What they fear isn’t hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s hundreds of thousands of phone calls, emails and letters.

  5. Along those same lines, NW, what makes the NRA a feared force is the fact that many voters, even non-NRA members, listen to and act upon NRA statements about 2nd Amendment rights. It’s an issue of trust. Civil right supporters trust the NRA for “real news” and not politicians or the media.

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