The New Phrenology

“Protect” Minnesota is having a “conference”, and they’re soliciting speakers:

Well – certain speakers:

The Northstar Conference Planning Committee is seeking proposals for presentations of 20, 30 or 60 minutes by individuals with appropriate academic credentials and/or recognized professional expertise related to the study or field of gun violence prevention that:

1. Present data-driven and evidence-based research or information about gun violence and its prevention.

2. Relate to one or more of three general subject blocks:
• health care, mental health, suicide prevention
• domestic violence, criminal justice, policy and legislation
• socioeconomic factors, disparities, urban gun violence

3. Have clearly-defined educational objectives that align with continuing education goals for public health, health care, mental health, law enforcement, or other professionals.

4. Are culturally sensitive and take into account the diverse backgrounds and outlooks of those in attendance.

The Planning Committee is particularly seeking presentations that address the following topics:
• racial and ethnic disparities
• adverse childhood experiences
• suicide risk factors and prevention among veterans, seniors, youth, and the LGBT community
• domestic violence risk assessment and prevention
• opioid addiction and gun violence
• the effects of mass incarceration on gun violence
• gun violence in the media
• successful community policing strategies
• effective legislation, public policy, and legal practices


Fortunately, a friend of the blog took the time to translate that description into clear, culturally-oppressive English:

Let me summarize that job description:

1. must hate guns with the passion of 1000 suns. Have plan to strip them from law abiding citizens.

2. Find ridiculous way to link gun control to something legit, such as health care and make it appear as yin and yang.

3. Experience with organize protesters and resistance parties in different peoples parents basements.

4. Make sure white people with guns are the enemy as often as possible.

Disregard minority on minority gun violence in its entirety.

Remember – “Protect” Minnesota has never, not once, made a single substantial, original, true statement.  This “conference” looks like it’ll push that to new levels.

4 thoughts on “The New Phrenology

  1. One almost wants to make an application for John Lott just to see what would happen.

  2. ” opioid addiction and gun violence”

    ^___The wedge they need to focus on white folks.

    Oh hell yeah we’ll talk about fentanyl and oxycodine! But keep the *diverse* nature of your audience in mind…no discussions about crack.

  3. Opioid addition. That’s prescription painkillers, right? Which the government is pressuring doctors to write fewer of, leaving patients searching for pain relief (or narcotic high) from street dealers. Who lack the legal protection of licensing and franchises, so therefore street dealers must defend their service areas using alternative dispute resolution that may result in terminal consequences.

    In other words, drug addicts buy drugs from drug dealers who fight turf wars by killing each other with guns. The solution to gun violence is to legalize and regulate drug sales, move it into the pharmacy and out of the alley.

    Will I be getting a speaker’s fee for my presentation?

  4. The opioid problem is partly a function of a crappy economy with non-despbursed prosperity. People don’t have any agency. Families etc. are breaking down. It makes you feel good in these circumstances.

    Good thing the government is all over it.

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