Words Have Meaning – Sometimes

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

 Liberals tell us that words have meaning.  We cannot say the N word because the mere act of saying it gives the word power and that power warps our thinking to make us bad people.  In fact, thinking it is probably enough.
What happens when a word loses its power?
I was running errands over the weekend and realized it was the first day of Sunday liquor so I stopped at MGM in Roseville to buy a celebratory single can of beer.  A dozen people were picketing.  “Treat Everyone Equal.”  “MGM is Racist.”  One picketer offered me a sheet of paper on my way into the store.  I declined.
Inside the store, the store manager explained they had to check someone’s bag yesterday and that person felt it was racially motivated, hence the picket today.
I was born when Eisenhower was in office.  There was actual racism in the country at that time – segregated drinking fountains, riding the back of the bus, Martin Luther King going to jail.  That America disappeared 49 years ago.  The young people holding the signs today have never lived in a racist America.
I’ve shopped at that MGM for 13 years, since moving to this neighborhood.  I can tell you for absolutely positively certain that they do not discriminate against their own customers.  The notion is idiotic.  I don’t even need to hear the details of the incident that triggered the protest.  Every time some Person Whose Life Matters stubs their toe, it’s a racist hate crime and I’m supposed to collapse in a heap sobbing at the injustice.  No more.  The word has lost its power over me.
To Liberals, the mere accusation of racism is assumed to be sufficient to make a person apologize, cower, cravenly abase oneself to seek temporary absolution.  But it’s so overwhelmingly overused that it doesn’t mean anything, it’s a synonym for “makes me unhappy.”  And honestly, I don’t give a hang about things that make other people unhappy.   I got problems of my own.
Joe Doakes

“Progressives” destroyed the term  “Fascist” at least 30 years ago.

“Racism” can not be far behind.

3 thoughts on “Words Have Meaning – Sometimes

  1. a feminist/womyn/shaman once revealed to me the special words that were the great source of her power:
    “This is the thing, the thing I see, this is the thing I will to be”.
    It represented for her the next major evolutionary advance for humanity.
    “you say this once and it works?” I asked
    “no of course not, you chant it until it becomes so” she replied
    Magical Thinking is one of the 7 pillars modern progressive thought is founded upon.
    If you brand an enemy repeatedly with a word like racist, misogynist, homophobe, fascist,etc you can heap all the sins of the people on the backs of those called Azazel and drive them mercilessly into the wilderness.

  2. Odd coincidence. Was at Total Wine yesterday in MG and during my 20 minutes there (browsing their scotch aisle!), someone up front was raising holy Hell. It was a black man who wasn’t being sold to due to either no identification or a discrepancy with it. So, after ranting loudly all that time at the way too patient manager, he finally said “it was because he was African”. The guy in front of me just turned around and said “you knew that was coming”. I agree with Joe, the word “racist” used to be a serious charge, now it’s just an eye roll. Manager was on the phone with Maple Grove’s finest when I was leaving. I won’t be surprised if the usual suspects that were at Joe’s MGM wind up protesting at MG Total Wine.

  3. These uneducated rubes never read “The boy who cried wolf either”.

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