To:  Minnesota Public Radio News
From:  Mitch Berg, irascible peasant
Re:  Your Teaser This Morning

Heard on MPR’s morning edition:  Cathy Wurzer blurbs to tease an upcoming story:  “Will an Embridge pipeline in Northern Minnesota become the next Standing Rock?”

Given MPR’s connections to the Twin Cities’ Big Environmentalist Left, you’ll pardon me if it sounds like:

  1. Big Environmentalism and Big Protest have been planning to make this pipeline “the next Standing Rock” for some time.
  2. MPR, being tied into the same Twin Cities “progressive” non-profit circles as Big Environment and Big Protest, knows this fully well.
  3. Standing Rock was good business for MPR.  Their reporters had constant access to the Standing Rock site, and responded with what sounded to this listener like an awful lot of sympathetic puff-piece coverage.   MPR News and APM would no doubt love to have another story like it to fill this long slow, election-free summer.

Of course it’s going to be “like Standing Rock”.  And I’m pretty sure everyone that matters at MPR already knows it, is planning for it, and started booking hotel rooms up amid the jackpines long before Wurzer’s teaser was written.

I mean, am I wrong?

That is all.

7 thoughts on “Telegraphing

  1. By “like Standing Rock” you mean pointless, ridiculous, puerile, odious, obscene and counterproductive?

  2. J, I think them mean “..pointless action that makes us feel better about ourselves” more than anything. Remember, for Lefties its all about The Feelz, not about the actual policy or action, e.g. the Paris Agreement that might have changed warming by as much as an undetectable amount, always assuming that the climate models were right.

  3. Will somebody please forward this to Mrs Wurzer. And Mr. Hawking while you are at it. I seem to have misplaced their contact info. Thank you.

    Penn State climate scientist, Michael ‘hockey stick’ Mann commits contempt of court in the ‘climate science trial of the century.’ Prominent alarmist shockingly defies judge and refuses to surrender data for open court examination. Only possible outcome: Mann’s humiliation, defeat and likely criminal investigation in the U.S. The defendant in the libel trial, the 79-year-old Canadian climatologist, Dr Tim Ball is expected to instruct his British Columbia attorneys to trigger mandatory punitive court sanctions, including a ruling that Mann did act with criminal intent when using public funds to commit climate data fraud.

  4. Mann, Hansen, (need I say Gore) and so many others are being exposed for their manipulation and lies.

  5. howcthe fuck can a conservative stand to listen to. MPR/NPR? In the mornings I listen to KQ92 or 93X.

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