What’s Hmong For “Money Pit?”

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Ramsey County proudly announced the opening of premier courts for a Hmong game called Tuj Lub at Keller Park in Maplewood.

Players need a piece of grass about the size of a tennis court.  But they can’t provide their own lawn, or form a club like the Curling Club on Selby Avenue, or get a business to sponsor them like the bocce ball courts in the basement of the Halftime Rec on Front Avenue.  They need Ramsey County government to subsidize their hobby.

I’m a shooter, an American competitive sport with a long and noble tradition.  When do I get a shooting range?

If we’re not going to subsidize all sports, then how do we pick and choose which?

For that matter, why subsidize ANY sports?  Is that the purpose of Ramsey County government?

In pioneer days, the County was the principal organizational unit of government statewide.  But Ramsey County is almost entirely contained within cities.  What is the purpose of Ramsey County government nowadays?

Joe Doakes


To provide an income for the Democrat oolitical classs.

Come on, Joe.  You’re not new to this.

3 thoughts on “What’s Hmong For “Money Pit?”

  1. If we’ve learned anything from Democrats over the years, it is that nothing is truly a right until government pays for it – generously and without question. Firearms, ammunition, ranges should be provided free of charge, or we are being oppressed! (Oh, and it will never be enough.)

  2. There I was, minding my own affairs, when I sensed a disturbance in the Force that requires a comment. I should like to point out to mssrs. Doakes and Girdermen that we shooters are getting shafted on the issue of facilities and supplies, given that we all pay the Pitman-Robertson excise taxes on guns and ammunition. These taxes are distributed to the states to support the shooting sports. Has anybody seen many public ranges out there?

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