There’s One Born This Way Every Minute

A friend sent me this – an email from “MoveOn.Org”, a group that was founded to get Americans to just shut up and “move on” and ignore the antics of an ageing lothario, 20 years ago (antics that including lying under oath repeatedly).

They’ve changed their tune…:

I just have to ask: is there anyone, even among the lefty herd, dumb enough to fall for this?

The GOP majority in Congress may not like Trump much, but barring some major crime that isn’t currently in evidence, they’re not going to vote to impeach, much less remove him from office.

No, contributors won’t be buying an “impeachment”; they’ll be paying for more political noise and lots of spiffy vacations for MoveOn execs.

4 thoughts on “There’s One Born This Way Every Minute

  1. These elitists within the left wing, realize that they rule over a large flock of ignorant sheep. They start all of their anti-Trump, anti-GOP rants with a blatant lie, then ask for the money, again, knowing that the sheep will send it in while they are in their “moral outrage” stupor.

    The DemonRAT party has billions in their banks and slush funds, making them the REAL party of the rich.

  2. MoveOn didn’t recommend impeachment, but compared Bush to Hitler. That’s the level of thinking for these guys. I also can’t find an address where they work, just a PO box in DC. They hide their trails well, as far as I can tell.

  3. I just have to ask: is there anyone, even among the lefty herd, dumb enough to fall for this?


    Next question.

    (I have relatives as proof of this. In fact, one uncle’s entire clan qualifies as being dumb enough to not just fall for it, but to enthusiastically trumpet that fact. Loudly. Proudly. Repeatedly.)

  4. Uh . . . do these people realize that Trump could simply order Comey to drop the Flynn investigation? The FBI is not an independent organization, thank God. If the prez (whoever he may be) thinks that they are wasting resources, he is entirely within his rights to tell them to do something else.
    Trump, of course, is not now, nor has he ever been, under investigation by the FBI, unlike Hillary Clinton, the candidate of preference for MoveOn supporters.

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