8 thoughts on “The “System” That Betsy DeVos Doesn’t “Know”

  1. If you atomized the whole education system, aggregate educational productivity would go way up. Let the parents allocate the funds.

  2. Agreed that their schools suck despite a lot of funding, but I’ve got to guess a bigger part of the problem is that so many of these kids aren’t living with both their mom and dad.

  3. Detroit gets the credit for being Americas poster city for Democrat leadership, but Baltimore is running a close second. I think the difference is the huge cash suck Maryland gets from the leafy DC suburbs.

    It is a giant shithole just waiting for someone to have mercy and toss in a match.

    In any case, hearing about outrageous public school failure has become boring. They are all failing in one way or another, its just that those serving Negro children are failing spectacularly and in multiple ways….just as the reprobates want.

  4. Bubba, many aren’t living with their mom OR dad. I estimate 25 -30% of America’s Negro population have been raised like feral cats since the welfare state took control of their lives.

    Just as the reprobate leftists planned.

  5. I have a solution. Throw more money at them. Obviously their iPads are not of the latest version, hence the failure rate.

  6. jpa,

    By heaven, I think you’ve got something there! Minority children could compete is they had the same technology as the children of the white devils do! It’s just not fair that they are keeping the minorities down.

  7. Oh…just lower the standards again, declare victory and have a lovely summer. See you next fall kiddos.

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