The DFL wants to kill the budget bill and shut down the state government to…

…well, just guess why (emphasis added)?

“I am urging our DFL leader and my friend, Governor Mark Dayton, to veto the Public Safety Omnibus Bill. It is long overdue that Minnesota do the right thing and lead on this important moral issue. The language inserted at the last moment by the Republicans will make it harder for the State to grant drivers licenses to all people working in Minnesota. As an ally of Minnesota’s diverse immigrant communities, I want to bring awareness to how devestating (sic) this policy is to immigrant families throughout our state…I am sharing this letter from the DFL Latino Caucus who very movingly capture the importance of this issue to their community and the broader immigrant community here in Minnesota

In other words, drivers license for illegal immigrants.

“But Mitch – he just said “immigrants”.  Why do you infer “illegal” into that?”

Because when the DFL refers to “immigrants”, they pretty much always mean illegals.

And why is that?

“Given demographic trends, earning the Latino vote is critical to the DFL’s future success. According to DFL Chair Ken Martin’s recent report to the DFL State Central Committee, although many other demographic groups didn’t turn out to vote in large numbers in the 2016 presidential election, Latinos in Minnesota greatly increased our voter turnout and helped keep Minnesota blue. We are the fastest-growing community of color in Minnesota, and will progressively represent a larger portion of the electorate. Signing this bill in its current form could damage the bond between immigrant communities and the DFL, and could depress Latino voter turnout in future elections.”

Bones are being thrown.

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  1. “Latino community mourns: 2 of 3 killed in crash were friends, co-workers”
    These were a pair of illegal Guatamalans, on their way to work in the Kohala hotels, illegally passing a string of cars at a high rate of speed.
    The victims were locals. One was killed outright, the other won’t ever be the same. The article says that their families were in Guatamala, but who knows? Who knows what their real names were? Often they will use a name of convenience. Sometimes the illegals have a wife and kids there and a wife and kids here. No insurance. I wonder whose stolen Social Security number they were using?

  2. the beauty of the SSN is that you can use whatever name you want with the number – it doesn’t seem to raise any interest if Jesus Gonzales is paying into John Smith’s acct.

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  4. When the DFL say “immigrants” they pretty much always mean “illegal”…

    Satire on:
    When Republicans say thugs, they pretty much always mean black, and when they say black, they really want to say XF#*$…

    Satire off:
    Inflammatory, ludicrous rhetoric without basis in fact or truth does not constitute discussion.

    By no means is what you said true (imho), that’s just what you want to have people believe to justify your voter ID stance (again imho).

    Here’s what I see and the facts, actual facts, like court cases and independent studies bear out., this is being proposed as part of a march toward making it more difficult for IMMIGRANTS to get ID’s to reducing their ability to get registered to vote.

    I think you are aware of that movement, done in the Fake News charge to stop ‘rampant voter fraud’, despite there being zero proven cases in Minnesota (or elsewhere in the past 70-100 years? in the US) of rampant voter fraud. That’s what this is about, nothing more, nothing less.

    Where is your evidence of wide spread felony voting by illegals immigrants? That’s what the thrust of your article is here, you bring up the 2016 election and illegals voting, which would be a felony since they aren’t allowed to vote. You don’t have that evidence because the evidence (not speculation, not crapolla statistical comparisons raising questions based on exit polls, but real evidence, like indictments, like proven cases). You don’t have it because it hasn’t happened.

    So, this issue (and the proposal) is a red-herring, meant to distract from the real effort, which is the intent to impair the ability of the poor and minorities to vote – so says the Brennan Center for Justice and so says nearly any impartial review of this effort, including recently, the Supreme Court of the United States, about the NC law and prior to that about the Texas law. So, I’m not bothered that Dems stand up and say, “No, we will not let you start imposing poll taxes or other impediments to minorities to vote,” not ILLEGAL immigrants (Mitch), immigrants.

  5. You know it’s illegals, because legal immigrants with valid green cards and such will have little problem qualifying for a drivers’ license if their driving skills are up to snuff. Would be really nice if there was, to quote my host, an industry with printing presses, websites, antennas, and the like that would ask the proper questions and make very clear that what the Democrats are doing is campaigning for illegal votes like those that may have put Al Franken in the Senate.

  6. ….and Penigma checks in with the impeccable logic that since we don’t find the illegal voter registrations that most states, cities, and counties aren’t looking for, there is no problem. Plus a beautiful guilt by association slam that ignores the fact that, again, legal immigrants have no problem getting a drivers’ license except for passing the tests.

    Sadly for his hypothesis, when they took a look in Virginia, they found that 5500 illegal immigrants did in fact get registered to vote.

  7. Here’s a reasonable compromise. Give them a liscense stamped “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT” with dates of border crossing s, arrests and deportations.

  8. It’s amazing how quickly some people will accuse others​ of racism.
    How long can you remain a republic when half of the people
    are consumed with hatred for the other half.

  9. There are utterly ZERO reasons we can’t have EUROPEAN-STYLE election security. Europeans think we are nuts.

    Early voting is another scam for the Democrat party.

  10. Pen
    your disenfranchisement argument collapses on this point alone; if you’re poor Obamacare requires you to have healthcare and it specifically provides the subsidies necessary for that coverage whether through an exchange or directly through Medicaid. This is also true for those receiving welfare and foodstamps. In either case you must provide an ID that would also be valid for voting. If you are here illegally you do not have the privilege or right to ID, Foodstamps, Welfare, Obamacare, or Voting.

  11. Liberals claim that for every rape conviction, there are 20 more cases that weren’t reported, weren’t charged, were plea-bargained away . . . but the assaults occurred nonetheless.

    But then Liberals claim that for every voter fraud conviction, there are no more cases that weren’t reported, weren’t charged, weren’t plea-bargained away.

    Somehow, the logic escapes me.

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