They’re Out There Somewhere

So it was 20 years ago today that “Mmm-Bop” by “Hanson” reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

You remember it:

I was married and had three kids to take care of at the time, so I didn’t have much time to be the music snob I’d been ten years earlier.   I thought it was bubblegum – but bubblegum with enough of a groove that I couldn’t not like it, really.

And apparently I”m not the only one.

Because the Hanson brothers are doing a 25th anniversary show.

At the First Avenue.

And it’s sold out.

6 thoughts on “They’re Out There Somewhere

  1. Wouldn’t their voices have changed by now? And wouldn’t their audience have, like, grown up?

  2. Hence 1st Ave and not MOA. You gotta be able to drink to go hear those earworms.

  3. BB: Yep. And if you see vids of them lately, they do “Mmmbop” a couple steps down from back in the day.

    JPA: I heard some of the stuff they were doing 10-15 years ago. Wasn’t bad at all.

  4. I was entering the summer of my 5th grade year, they were the flavor of the month , before nSYNC and right after Ricky Martin, before he came out , I think. I was too big a sports fan to give a crap

  5. Mitch: I don’t think I could take it. It would make it even creepier.

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