When, Not If…

…the DFL and its PR firm, “The Minnesota Media”, blame the upcoming government shutdown on the GOP, keep this in mind:

It’s Javier Morillo, and if you’re not constantly marinading in Minnesota politics, a) you’re lucky, and b) you may not know that Morillo is up there with Alida Messinger as the most powerful person you haven’t heard of.

He’s the “Protressive-to-a-fault” majordomo of…the SEIU?  AFSCME?  MAPE?  Oh, who cares – all government workers’ unions are pretty much the same.

Anyway – mark my words:

  1. Morillo calls for “progressives” to shut down the Legislature
  2.  “Progressives”, being herd animals, will do it
  3. The media, being obedient servants of the class led by none other than Morillo, will do as told and bury that fact; on Almanac after the shutdown, Morillo (or the other Mini-Javis that appear in his stead) will be able to skate away from their complicity.

Just watch.

UPDATE:  MN Representative Scott Dibble is in on the act:

As is Rep Dehn, who is also running for mayor of Minneapolis, and bringing enough grandstanding to the ‘struggle” (bwahahaha) to make Betsy Hodges go “um, Ray?  Bubbie?  Dial it back a skosh?”

Five’ll get you ten this is all forgotten when the government does shut down; the GOP will be to blame as far as the media knows.

5 thoughts on “When, Not If…

  1. So the way to achieve progressive goals is not to specify anything you want, but rather to have a hissy fit and get fellow progressives to have one on your behalf as well.

    Sounds about right.

  2. He’s a ***progressive*** super delegate that was extreamly unhappy with Bernie Sanders not getting out of the race sooner, for the record.

  3. The Governor did everything in his power to sabotage this legislative session. Agency heads had no negotiating power with the legislature. All deals had to go through the Governor and he said no.

    I blame Republicans for not having a plan past the “got punched in the face” moment they had to see coming a mile away.

  4. A caller took a really hard shot at Morillo this morning on KTLK. I only heard the end part of it.

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