Prediction And Opportunity

Last week, the “hate crime” at Saint Olaf – a typewritten racist message left under a black students windshield wiper – turned out to be a hoax.

As, in fact, have the vast majority of “Hate Crime” incidents in the past six months; for all the caterwauling about the wave of hate certain to accompany Donald Trump’s election, nearly every episode has turned out to be lefty false-flags.

I Don’t Make The Rules::  It’s gotten to the point where it’s time to codify this as law.  Berg’s Law – in this case,

Berg’s Twentieth Law of Social Justice Warmongering:   All incidents of “hate speech” not captured on video (involving being delivered by someone proven not to be a ringer) shall be assumed to be hoaxes until proven otherwise.

No, Actually, I Do Make The Rules:  Saturday, the City Pages ran a story involving some anti-semitic, anti-muslim imagery around Uptown and Lake of the Isles:

The street sidles Lake of the Isles one block to the west in the Kenwood neighborhood of Minneapolis.

On Thursday, a resident was enjoying the agreeable spring morning when she came upon a disconcerting sight. Affixed to light poles on the northwest side of the lake along a paved trail were anti-Semitic and Islamophobic stickers.

“Fuck Jews” read one. The other had a hand giving the middle finger and the word “Islam” below it.

She summarily took down the stickers and contacted Councilwoman Lisa Goodman,  telling her, “I was so shocked. I don’t think I have ever seen anything like that in Minneapolis.”

As of late Thursday afternoon, neither the Minneapolis Police Department nor the Park Police had received report of the incident.


At the bottom of the Islamophobic sticker listed a website:

“It’s not illegal to be white… yet!” reads tightrope’s main page.

The site is a one-stop shop for all goodies intolerant, from the “Racist Joke Book” to “White Lives Matter” stickers to KKK hats.

This episode doesn’t pass the sniff test.

Whi;e, “” could just as easily be legitimate as a false flag ( the proprietors die in a fire, either way), putting a link on a poster is easy.

But the posters around Uptown and Lake of the Isles?  My BS detector practically jumped out of its mounting bracket.

First – cutesy photoshops with mid-level production values that look like they were done by art school fops, profaning religious imagery?  That’s a Minneapolis lefty thing (If I didn’t know better – and I actually don’t – I’d say that middle finger up above looks like Ken “Avidor” Weiner’s work – but I’m told he’s at least semi-retired from whatever it was he did).

And Uptown and Lake of the Isles?   Please.

Most people who do this sort of thing stay on home turf.   There’s a reason the snowflake at Saint Olaf dropped a racist note at ˆSaint Olafˆ- because it’s home turf.   The perp knows that if he’d have dropped anti-black racism in North Minneapolis and been caught, they’d be finding pieces of him in dog stools for weeks.

My guess – and it is a guess, but if I were a gambling man I’d bet money on it – is that this was done by a couple of twenty-something social justice snowflakes looking to false-flag the right – all the right.

Am I right?

Who knows?   I’ve been wrong – once or twice.

But’s called “Berg’s 20th Law” for a reason.

7 thoughts on “Prediction And Opportunity

  1. Yet, we hear crickets from the DemonRATs for threats made by one of sitting Council zombies in Lake Elmo or those against new MNGOP Chair Jennifer Carnahan. Nothing but pathetic scum balls in the DemonRAT party.

  2. That DOES look like Weiner-work. I don’t think I have any samples around here anymore to compare, but the illustration style is definitely familiar.

  3. Weiner was driven underground after I was proclaimed the Twin Cities preeminent cartoonist. He probably went back to producing pronography.

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  5. Alt-Good Swiftee on May 16, 2017 at 12:22 pm said:
    Weiner was driven underground after I was proclaimed the Twin Cities preeminent cartoonist. He probably went back to producing pronography.

    Not pronography — “erotic art.”
    I, personally, myself, have met Mister Swift, and I can assure you that he wears a beret and a paint stained smock at all times. In case the muse strikes. A few words with Tom and you’d swear it’s the Third Republic, and you are in a Parisian artist’s garret, smoking gauloises, sipping absinthe, and discussing Napolean III’s latest attempt to reclaim his throne.

  6. Ah yes, MP. It is well I remember our discussions over wine, baguettes and brie on the Pente gauche du volcan!

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