Our Morally Incontinent Would-Be Overlords Speak Again

This was “Protect” MN’s response to the Big Lake dust-up yesterday:

In what way does this statement do anything but put the Big Lake High School Trap team – high school kids, doing a sport sanctioned by their school, under rigorous supervision, who are learning the safety rules vastly  better than most people (and some cops)  on the same level as Adam Lanza?

This is the loathsome voice of gun control in Minnesota.

UPDATE:  They spiked the post.

So – not only are they loathsome, but they’re cowards.

What’s the matter, “Protect” MN?

Can’t stand behind your words?

No wonder you run away from head-to-head debate.  Every time you open your mouths against people who can defend themselves, you come out looking not-ready-for-prime-time.

UPDATE 2:  According to a source who spoke with WCCO television,  the Reverend Nancy Nord Bence had this to say about the disappearance of the post equivocating the Big Lake Trap Team with Adam Lanza:

[Nord Bence] said: “That post was made without our knowledge and has been deleted.”

Schwoops!  Down the memory hole?

Does Nancy Nord Bence not control “Protect” MN’s website?    Is there a, pardon the expression, loose cannon on their staff?

Much more seriously:   I know that media people read this blog.   Someone please explain why you use these people as a credible source?

  • They have no respect for facts.
  • They make it up as they go along.
  • They are accountable to nobody and nothing.
  • They have never, not once, made a substantial, original, true statement about the gun issue.

What other source would you cut that kind of slack for?

13 thoughts on “Our Morally Incontinent Would-Be Overlords Speak Again

  1. I can not understand why Bloomberg doesn’t spend some money on quality control. There has to be a thought out reason, because they all look like idiots, all the time.

  2. doing an about face that quickly must be painful for an invertebrate like Ms Nord-Bence

  3. They support responsible ownership and sporting use, before they didnt.

    This kind of mendacity is wonderful when it is documented. Next time one of these America-hating reprobates spout off about how they are not trying to take away our 2nd amendment rights, rub that post in their feral mugs

  4. Apparently the decision to ban the photo has also been reversed. Gee, it’s almost as if common sense is not yet dead. And the lefties have nothing to shoot it with!

  5. Glad you got the screen grab. Always get the screen grab.

    Kudoes to MNGOC. They never sleep.

    It is kind of amazing how many do-overs “P”M asks for. Probably half the emails I get from them, there’s a retraction, a correction or a “please ignore our error” within 24 hours.

  6. Hey Mitch,

    Just curious; when you get those “corrections”, does The Three Stooges theme song (three blind mice) start running through your mind?

  7. Event happens. Journalist consults Rolodex for “sources” gets juicy quote, runs story. Lie travels halfway around the world, poisoning the minds of headline readers everywhere.

    Truth is pulling on its pants, documenting the lie, source “retracts” or “corrects” but that never makes the news. Truth considers the source’s credibility to have been destroyed.

    But wait! Journalist’s Rolodex has NOT been updated. Next event, repeat.

    The Left is expert at bringing outside pressure to bear (see column on engineering elsewhere on this site). Can we bring pressure on journalists who continue to use debunked sources, get them to clean up the Rolodex?

  8. Nancy Nord Bence knows damn well the student athletes do not bring their guns to the school. All the trap shooting is done off school grounds.

    I think it’s worth noting that there are both male and female members of the team, I believe that’s true with most of the Minnesota State High School Clay Target League teams. One of the few sports where there’s parity between boys and girls

  9. Good point, Scott.

    But then, we know what a sack of b.s. is tossed around when libidiots rant about gender equality.

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