So Many Levels Of Violence

Baltimore – like most Democrat-run cities – as become a cesspit of crime and murder:

(CNN)The number of homicides in Baltimore this year is soaring — reaching 100 before the end of April for the first time in nearly two decades — and the mayor is asking the FBI for more help.

So – like New York, Camden, Cleveland, Detroit, New Orleans, St. Louis, The District of Columbia, Minneapolis, Chicago,Stockton, Los Angeles, Oakland and others, Baltimore is defining the national trend of plunging crime rates, Baltimore is defying the national trend of plunging crime rates.

I won’t insult the audiences intelligence for asking one of these cities have in common.

“Murder is out of control,” said Mayor Catherine Pugh, at her weekly news briefing Wednesday. “There are too many guns on the streets. We’re looking for all the help we can get.”

So many levels of violence here:

  • After decades of rhetorical, political violence, leaving Baltimore a one party city, culminating with…
  • A full on rhetorical is sold by the cities government against its own public unions allies, the police…
  • … Which has led to over a year of out of control violence in the streets, as the cops wonder which one will be the next to be thrown under the bus…
  • The city of Baltimore is committing violence against the idea of federalism – bringing the feds in to do the city is right for job – the job it charges its residents prohibitive tax rates to “do”.

This will be Minneapolis into more decades.

10 thoughts on “So Many Levels Of Violence

  1. Too many guns on the streets, Mayor Pugh? Can’t possibly be the case, as Maryland is not a shall issue carry permit state. All that needs to happen is for sheriffs to strictly enforce the “reasonable need” provisions, and all those guns will DISAPPEAR. I’m surprised you haven’t thought of this already–really, if they don’t, Baltimore could be as dangerous as Alexandria on the other side of the border.

  2. And for those guns that do not magically disappear, study the “shots fired” map and send officers to that neighborhood to stop-and-frisk everybody, old, young, black, white, healthy and hearty, the halt and the lame. No arrests, mind you, because that would distort racial disparities in arrest reports; simply pull along a dumpster and fill it with confiscated firearms.

    Voila – guns off the streets, racial stats preserved, crime eliminated.

  3. JD
    in my old neighborhood, Columbus & Lake, just send through a foot patrol and pick up all the firearms discarded behind bushes, flowers, decorative fences or in trash receptacles.
    I used to watch where the dirtbags would hide/toss their weapons when the police came through on patrol then go out and collect them myself. I’d keep the junk guns and wait for a gun buy-back to cash in on them. The good ones I’d take to a friend with a FFL to check for stolen weapons – turn them in if they were, sell them if they weren’t. It was surprising how many high-end gun these dirtbags buy.

  4. Sauk,

    Well, of course they get high end hardware. After all, they can’t a risk a malfunction when they are shooting another gang banger.

  5. “… Which has led to over a year of out of control violence in the streets, as the cops wonder which one will be the next to be thrown under the bus…”

    Big shout out to Marilyn Mosby!

    “Marilyn Mosby is still the State’s Attorney for Baltimore. As you may recall, Mosby is the one who is still facing a lawsuit for her attempts to prosecute the city’s police far more harshly than any of the gang members tearing up the town. And the management at City Hall is still moving ahead with their series of “reforms” aimed not at reducing crime and making Baltimore more safe, but riding herd over the cops to see if they are actually the real problem.”

  6. If and when guns are ever banned in Baltimore, how will they shoot the messenger when they conclude guns aren’t the problem?

  7. I hate going to any East coast city North of Kitty Hawk. Philly is the worst, but Baltimore is a very close second. What a shithole.

    Entering from the East, you roll through trashed neighborhoods, and are greeted to the city proper by the barbed wire walls of the jail; think St. Cloud but worse.

    They tried to spruce up the inner harbor, but its sterile and pathetic. Let your parking meter expire and it will cost you $50. Yeah, they built their baseball team a palace, but who gives a shit when you have to step over broken beer bottles and trash to get there.

    Anyone that travels through these leftist cesspools and comes away with a favorable opinion of the Democrat party isnt fit to call themselves American.

  8. Oh, and no, you cant make this shit up.

    The Baltimore states attorney is warning prosecutors against charging criminals if they entered the country illegally to commit their crimes.

    We simply cannot continue to share our country with these reprobates, if we want to have a country at all.

    Trump’s greatest contribution may be being the match that finally sets it all off.

  9. Even the Inner Harbor area is showing a lot of wear and tear. I went there in 2013 for a meeting, and was greeted by a bum/panhandler that I really had to give the stink eye to get him to go away. Yeah, I was probably being interviewed for a mugging and thankfully failed. It’s a darned shame, because there is a TON around there that’s well worth seeing and visiting. When was there, though, half the storefronts were empty.

    I’d guess that it’s only gotten worse since Ferguson, to put it mildly.

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