“Here’s Your Dollop Of Freedom, Peasant”

Berkeley – afraid that the generation of Orwellian “social” “jusitice” thugs they’ve raised will throw another costly tantrum at being faced with dissent – cancels speech by Ann Coulter.

Then, getting a wave of negative feedback, they rescheduled it – at a time when nobody could actually go:

Coulter had been booked for April 27, but Berkeley administrators abruptly canceled her engagement on Wednesday, citing security concerns. After massive publicity, they reversed course but reset the event for May 2, when students will be taking finals and therefore will be less likely to attend, according to lawyers representing the Berkeley College Republicans and Young America’s Foundation.

Associate vice chancellor Nils Gilman “grudgingly offered to allow the event from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Tuesday, May 2 — during ‘dead-week,’ when students are not even in class,” wrote Harmeet Dhillon of Dhillon Law Group in a letter to Berkeley interim vice chancellor of student affairs Stephen Sutton.

“Such a bummer that we, here at UC Berkeley, have created an environment where free, dissenting speech is impossible.  No idea what we’re going to do about that.  But I guess you’re screwed!   Those crazy kids.  What’s an institution to do?”

As far as public universities go?  Legislatures need to start insisting on campuses being environments for free speech, or clearing out management (and if necessary, professors.  Tenure should not protect tyrants)


6 thoughts on ““Here’s Your Dollop Of Freedom, Peasant”

  1. The thing that struck me in an article about it that I saw earlier today is that the writer never once clued in to the fact that mid-afternoon is NOT when students can come to a talk. It is as if they’ve completely forgotten their own college experiences.

  2. It’s time for Trump to deal with these crackers, I mean Democrats, the same way Eisenhower dealt with the crackers, I mean Democrats, in his time: Troops & Armor.
    Shame that we’re having to force open the door for a charlatan like Ann Coulter the same way we had to for James Meredith. But crackers just won’t learn.

  3. We need to cut every dime of federal subsidies to these leftist madrassas. First and foremost, the low interest, federally insured loans subsidize these assnozzles.

    Leftist reprobates like to talk about the true cost of private cars; they need a lesson on the true cost of their reptillian, anti-American activities.

  4. Please note that these “protesters” don’t talk about equality. They have no interest in equality under the law.
    What they want is race and gender based privilege over others.

  5. I’m sorry, but this is the height of irony! The much-decried “Free Speech Movement” roiled the Berkeley campus in the 60s, led by a guy named Mario Savio– I knew him briefly. Now, it seems the “Anti-free speech movement” has sprung up in the same place!

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